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New Quizzes: Dashboard To Do

New Quizzes: Dashboard To Do

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

As with the original quizzes on canvas, when a student submits a New Quizzes (Quizzes.Next) assessment and there are items that need to be reviewed it should show up on our teacher dashboard in our To Do list so we know to submissions have been made so we can more easily access them in speedgrader to grade.

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I cannot agree more or stress how necessary this is! Immediately!

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I do not see a place to 'upvote' this, but this really needs to be a thing! Students have to email me if they need a resubmission graded, and that just is not necessary.

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Please follow this link to address the other half of this problem:

New Quizzes grading indication in SpeedGrader:

  • Currently, if a teacher looks at SpeedGrader, all students will have a green checkmark indicating that they don’t need grading, instead of a yellow dot noting that students have items that need grading.
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Yes, please change this - it ruins the benefits of the New Quiz additions

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Quiz submissions definitely need to be included on the To Do List as well as allow notifications to be set for quiz submissions.

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Currently if I have new quiz that has a question that requires I grade it I have no way of knowing it have been submitted unless I manually check in speedgrader.  With Classic quizzes it shows up in my todo list.  I prefer new quizzes, but the lack of this notification is frustrating as I get students turning in work late all the time.  There needs to be a way for new quizzes to show up in the teacher todo if a student submits something with a teacher graded question.

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When teachers receive a submission through New Quizzes, it does not show up in their To-Do list because it is considered an "external submission type." While this is great for multiple-choice responses, teachers miss scoring assignments that require review like a short-answer response. Please update this submission type so that New Quizzes go to the To-Do list and notify teachers that they have to review responses.

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I was surprised to see that I do not get notifications on New Quizzes submissions by students. I would expand this to include notification of New Quizzes submission whether or not there are questions that need to be reviewed and marked by the instructor. Perhaps notification should be an option toggle for those instructors who do not want these notifications, but I prefer to have a notification that a submission has been made.

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Most definitely need this feature. We have many many many instructors that opt out of email notifications for submissions simply because they prefer to be in Canvas grading as submissions come into the "to do" list. There is no notification of submissions without going directly to Speedgrader. We cannot recommend a change over to New Quizzes unless this is enabled. Please enable this. 

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LOVE the stimulus, but I agree with everything that has been said! 

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I've been uses new quizzes for minor assessments this semester with Distance Learning, but have discovered that without completed quizzes appear in the "To Do" list it's not a practical tool for me to use.

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Yes, this is essential! Such a waste of time and nearly impossible to keep track of trying to check for changes in the grade book constantly. When a student takes or retakes a New Quiz it needs to show up on the to-do list. 

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Is it possible to get a notification when a student submits a short answer/written response question on New Quizzes under our "To Do" section of our home page? This is a functionality of Old Quizzes. I know we can get an email notification but it's better to have it under the To Do list that way we can do all of our grading in Canvas without having to check email.

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I really like new quizzes - the format, the new questions possibilities...but I really have trouble when it comes to grading.  It does not show up on my to do list so I have no idea when I have to grade a new submission.  ALSO, if I need to manually grade a short answer questions, it does not show up as ungraded.  It shows that it is already completed and submitted (green check mark).  This is very difficult for me to keep track of which quizzes I have graded and which I have not.  I have to keep track on a separate sheet of paper for the 6 classes I teach on who I have graded and who's test I need to look for to complete.  Is there any way to get this feature?  It is very time consuming and inconvenient not to have this feature like it was in old quizzes. 

Thanks for considering this change.

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This idea is really essential for any practical application. With most secondary teachers serving approximately 150 students across their schedule, the idea of returning to the assignment multiple times to scroll through and manually identify which assignments have new submissions that require additional grading is fairly impractical. Whether through the to-do list or some other push notification method, this idea seems like it is a requisite for NewQuizzes to be a functional tool for free response assessment items.

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Anything that needs grading should appear on the instructor To Do list, regardless of what it is. This really needs to be addressed by Canvas.

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This is critical for faculty workflow.  Please add this asap. 

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I get that new quizzes are an external tool but basic notifications are necessary!  Particularly since a grade of 0 is actually given - not just a grade pending but an actual 0.  Without notification, those 0's stay active and misrepresent the actual grades for the quiz and this for the course.

Why has this not already been changed?

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This feature is essential and I cannot believe that New Quizzes was released without this. It is adding so much time to hunt for student submissions to grade. Please correct this ASAP!

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Currently, when a New Quizzes assignment that has a teacher-graded component is submitted, it is recorded as a zero in the gradebook. There is no flag on the teacher's end that something needs to be graded or has been submitted, and on the student end this causes wild fluctuations in their grades as they wait for things to get graded (hopefully the teacher will notice, or they'll inform the teacher!).


My suggestion is for New Quizzes to function like other assignments in Canvas, where submissions prompt an alert to the teacher in some form (ex: to do list). I'm really surprised that this feature was NOT included when NQ was released, as it is such an incredibly basic thing that teachers be able to easily find and grade student submissions.