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New Quizzes: Dashboard To Do

New Quizzes: Dashboard To Do

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

As with the original quizzes on canvas, when a student submits a New Quizzes (Quizzes.Next) assessment and there are items that need to be reviewed it should show up on our teacher dashboard in our To Do list so we know to submissions have been made so we can more easily access them in speedgrader to grade.

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Please add this as a tool.  We can't easily grade what we can't easily see.  

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Seriously, this should have been designed into it in the first place. 

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This should have been a no brainer when it was put in. Everything else goes to my todo list.

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New Quizzes that have been submitted by students, but haven't been graded need to be notated somehow. Putting a notification in the To Do list is an easy way to direct teachers to the submissions needing attention. Without this, a student's submission displays in the gradebook as graded, but it may show them as failing depending on the point values assigned to questions being auto-graded & questions needed review.

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Please allow the new quizzes to appear on the teacher's to-do list like the old quizzes. They should show up like assignments do, where you can click in your todo list and it will automatically bring you to speedgrader. It is a pain to click the gradebook, then try to access the speedgrader. 

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Agree 100% on this one.

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This is an absolute must! Instructors need an organized indication of what needs attention. 

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This is an essential feature that needs to be added as soon as possible. I'm responsible for training the teachers at my high school on all things Canvas, and this is a major stumbling block for many of them. How are we supposed to know that short answer/essay questions are awaiting grading if we don't get a notification in Grades or the To Do list?

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I'd love to see a notification for new quizzes where the teacher still needs to grade the hand-scored portions of the quiz. 

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My in person students can tell me to check it, but my virtual students have no idea that I'm not getting notified, and I keep missing their submissions. 

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I would love to know an answer to this problem. I have so many quizzes with half of the questions being auto-graded and half being manually-graded. Without recent submissions showing up in my instructor to-do list, there's no way for me to know at a glance whether the grade that shows up in the grade book is from ONLY the auto-graded questions or ALL of the questions. There's no easy way for me to tell whether I've manually graded a quiz already. I have to open the quiz up in SpeedGrader and manually toggle through each student's submissions looking for any that have ungraded questions, or do the same thing through the Moderate tab directly inside the New Quiz engine.  This has wasted so much of my time!  It would be great if it showed up on the course to-do list the same way all other assignment submissions do. Is there no way to push New Quiz submission with yet-to-be-graded questions straight to the course to-do list? 

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I get complaints from faculty ALL THE TIME about this. The to-do list should contain:

- any submitted quiz with questions that need grading

and should not contain:

-any submitted quiz with all questions already graded.

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This needs to happen please! 

Notifications on quizzes that need grading in both the To Do list AND in Speedgrader. This is a essential because currently assignments go ungraded and I have no clue until a student asks me. My quizzes have open response questions that require me to manually grade, and if I don't know about it the student ends up with a score of 1 out of 10. Unacceptable. Please add this!

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This is an absolute must.  Instructors should not have to guess whether they need to go in and grade quiz questions.  Please provide a timeline for when this will be added.  

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I really liked Classic Quizzes because the dashboard let me know with an icon that there was a new submission to grade. We need this in New Quizzes.

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Another thing we need in new quizzes is the ability to advance to the next student submission. It is pretty time-consuming to go back to moderate and look for the next submission. Classic was really good at this. 

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You can grade new quizzes in speed grader which allows you to move to the next student easily.  New quizzes work like classic in speedgrader.  You just have to go through the grade book to get to it.

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We have just started with Canvas this year and cannot believe how hard it is for our trainers to identify New Quizzes that have been resubmitted and are awaiting marking.

This conversation is years old - what has to happen for this improvement to move up the list? At this point, while we realize classic quizzes are going to be decommissioned in a year's time, we're considering moving to them in the interim, just to deal with this headache.

I don't understand the logic behind the changeover from classic to new quizzes - seems much more work is required on the new quizzes - ASAP!

New Member

I love the new quizzes, but not appearing on the Dashboard is also challenging when it comes to grading. 😥

Also, are classic quizzes being decommissioned?? While I love the new quizzes and potential, I also like classic quizzes for easy stuff! I hope they just keep both quizzes available and not take them off (especially while new quizzes don't have the dashboard addition!)