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New Quizzes: Dashboard To Do

New Quizzes: Dashboard To Do

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

As with the original quizzes on canvas, when a student submits a New Quizzes (Quizzes.Next) assessment and there are items that need to be reviewed it should show up on our teacher dashboard in our To Do list so we know to submissions have been made so we can more easily access them in speedgrader to grade.

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This is still an issue. I made my attendance quiz for the e-learning day in a new quizzes format and none of them are popping up to be graded. So now I am going to have to waste my time and keep circling around to check 60 kids quizzes to see if they have answered it rather than it popping up to tell me to grade it like the old quizzes. 

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I need this, please!

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Do we have a solution to this yet???  We desperately need it too.  

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Yes, please work on this feature. Thanks!

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Will this issue be solved before old quizzes is no longer an option? Not being alerted when students submit or resubmit a new quiz has been a huge mess.

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This is beyond necessary.  Please add this feature ASAP.

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Considering the fact that this discussion started exactly two years ago and NOTHING has been done on it, I do not think Instructure is taking it seriously.

It would be good if they had to go into a classroom for a couple weeks to see how much of a problem is this.  It causes us teachers to WASTE so much time.


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Please fix this feature! Many of us are using Canvas to manage hundreds of students.  If I am not notified that something needs to be graded for an essay item, I have to go through each student individually and check, and I have to do this every couple of days or until the assignment locks.  

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I don't know how difficult this would be to put in, but please do. I would use new quizzes mostly IF it would notify when a new submission has been made. As it is if I have any open ended or essay type answers I have to use Classic, since it streamlines the grading so much better.

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The lack of this feature has often discouraged our team from using the other great features in New Quizzes because if we want to give a quiz with an essay, the New Quizzes is just not feasible because we don't know when we have grading, especially with retakes, etc. 

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I have to agree with the previous poster.  There has been no response or feedback regarding this issue which makes me think it's not going to be fixed.  When Classic Quizzes is retired, it will create a significant problem for me, and will probably required I return to pencil and paper tests.

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This continues to be something we need.  With multiple attempts allowed, going back through at random times to check and see if there is anything new is not efficient.

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Checking my To-Do list is essential to keep up on grading.  Without a notification about submitted work on a New Quiz, how do we know what to grade?  We really need this feature.  What is the alternative?  Check all the New Quiz formats for submitted work?  

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Please, Please fix this ASAP! 

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I agree with all of the previous comments. This needs to be added.

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This is definitely a big problem that looks bad on Canvas, and needs fixed as soon as possible.

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It is incomprehensible that this doesn't already exist. 

Please. Soon. BEFORE you take away classic quizzes. 

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Quizzes that have not been graded show an automatic grade. As an instructor, I have to go into speedgrader and check if the grade displayed in the gradebook is the score that student received after I graded or only the automatic grade.

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Please update this feature! I have reverted back to Classic Quizzes because I need this feature.

When a student has missed a quiz day, I must manually grade their quiz in order to remember to update that grade in our separate grade software (Harmony). In order to do so, I manually add an essay question. This essay question serves as a notification for each new quiz attempt. 

With New Quizzes, the grade is updated on Canvas, without my having done anything about the essay question. Then students and parents question me about why they have a grade on Canvas, but still have a zero on Harmony for the same assignment.

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Please make this happen,  As an Admin it is hard to justify to my constituents, why any assignment/quiz or submission that needs to be graded would not automatically be required of all LTI assignments with a Due Date or needs grading.  Make it so!