New Quizzes: Disallow additional attempts after a perfect score


Do not allow additional attempts when a student has all answers correct.  At that point additional attempts reflect an understanding of arithmetic rather than course content.

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Hi,  @chorst1  Welcome to the Canvas Community! We've put this idea into Moderating status for the moment to request clarification.

An instructor can enable a setting on a quiz that retains the highest score, as documented in the Allow Multiple Attempts setting How do I manage settings for an assessment in New Quizzes? For quizzes consisting entirely of automatically graded questions (such as multiple choice, multiple answer, true-false, and others), the Gradebook will automatically retain the student's score of 100% regardless of what the student does on subsequent attempts without any action required on the instructor's part.

However, this isn't the case for questions that need manual grading, such as essay questions.

So is your goal to remove students' ability to use the additional attempts only for manually-graded quizzes—a restriction that by necessity would only kick in after the instructor has completed manual grading on the first attempt to grant the student the 100% grade? Or is the idea to remove the ability for students who have scored 100% to use their remaining attempts for all quizzes—even those that are automatically graded—for practice and study purposes?

Please take a moment to edit the idea description to provide this clarification.


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When using Allow Multiple Attempts on a quiz, the instructor has the option of keeping the highest, latest or average score.  I use Allow Multiple Attempts as formative assessment.  I want students to know what the correct answer is for each question, even if its the only one remaining after multiple attempts. That means the final attempt should always be a perfect score and, therefore it is also the latest score.  Average score is a better measure for feedback.  However, it introduces an opportunity to "game the system". 

Using a 10 pt quiz as an example, if a student's first attempt is 4/10 and their second attempt is 10/10 the average will be 70%.  If the student adds a third attempt, 10/10, the average is now 80%. A fourth attempt brings that to 85%. Practically, I don't know an educational reason to allow additional attempts after achieving a perfect score.

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Instructure Alumni

Thanks for the clarification,  @chorst1 ‌. We've opened the idea for voting with a slight modification to the title to make the idea purpose readily apparent to prospective voters.

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