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New Quizzes: Download Quiz Statistics

New Quizzes: Download Quiz Statistics


Currently, there is no way to download or even print the entire Item analysis report from the new quiz feature in Canvas. This is a really useful feature that the original quizzes held. Please add this feature to the new Quizzes feature.

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Better and easier to use statistics would definitely be helpful. We have also had an instructor ask about a column in the quiz analysis report that indicates how many questions a student submitted. We opened a ticket with Canvas and were directed to submit an idea request "to included the number of correct and incorrect answers for each student with the item or student analysis report that can be downloaded for quizzes," but I think this functionality would be related to this idea request, so we are adding our comments here and upvoting this feature idea.

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This is an essential feature.  We need this data for many types of report in our institution,

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Being able to download actual responses to questions in quizzes is critical for short answer grading outside of Canvas for several of our small and large-enrollment courses. There are aspects of short answer grading that are not accounted for by any LMS. 

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I agree with others that it is critical for faculty to have the ability to download student responses in a spreadsheet. I along with others in my Department use a software program to grade student answers and assign partial credit. As mentioned by someone else, there are aspects of short answer grading that are not accounted for by Canvas. It is imperative for us to be able to download student responses to an excel spreadsheet.


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Yes! I'd love a mechanism by which a teacher can download and digitally archive tests students have taken.  This is useful for analyzing responses for test development for future use, as well as record keeping and documentation for accreditation purposes.

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I wish I'd known this wasn't a feature before I spent hours creating my final exam. Now I have to go through 127 quizzes of 34 questions each to do my own analysis. Please update this!

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I feel that in New Quizzes you should be able to generate a PDF report of the item analysis with the student's score instead of having to screenshot a question or two at a time.  We need to save time! 

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We are also very dependent on export of quiz statistics.  Would very much like to see an export option.

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Has there been any development on this as I feel this is a significant missing element in this new tool.

Having the ability to download the responses is very important  

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I was hoping that we would have a resolution on this request by now, but I still cant see any way of getting the submitted responses downloded.

This is a real pain in the *&^ now that we are moving towards fully integrating Canvas with our other systems, I need a way of extracing this sort of information so it can be used for external moderation and consistance reviews.

Come on when will we see it......

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I am also disappointed that this issue has not already been taken care of. We are starting a new semester in a few weeks...what's the hold up?

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This would be great for student work samples for SPED/ELL students in!


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We also need the ability to download item analysis from New Quizzes (Quizzes.Next), especially with Canvas moving towards New Quizzes as the default quizzing tool.  Looks like this has been pending for a while. When will it be moved to development?

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I agree. I realized too late that I have lost the ability to easily work with the survey data from quizzes. The OLD style quizzes allowed me this and I made efficient use of it in student self-evaluation. I find the new quizzes very limited and the methods for reviewing them extremely frustrating. This includes the lack of a CSV download but also the navigation for using speed grader or awarding points.  Verging on Rage Quit as I am trying to put my final reports together.  Time well wasted 😞


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On this page, ditto the comments. These are just a few of my ongoing annoyances with Canvas. I'm trying not to be nasty about it, but teaching is very hard right now and compulsory use of an instructional software system with so many holes and inconveniences is really stretching me. We pay a lot for this software and it is not responsive to the needs of regular teachers.

1--Canvas is user-hostile for English teachers. Response and answer character limits are just one ill-considered feature among dozens. English teachers are the most demanding for this kind of stuff, so we'll know you are responsive when you start finding and fixing these problems.

2--new quiz engine is wildly inconsistent with the old quiz engine, which means people are moving to the second one with expectations that it will provide the same features as the first one. It's more powerful and has more modes but the byzantine process and weirdly arbitrary construction makes it seem like a purchased product that has been cobbled onto the existing Canvas structure. And the objections to the ill-fitting, inconsistent structure on this page are now over a year old; no movement, just a bunch of cut-and-paste responses.

3--Quiz documents are incredibly volatile. They can't be duplicated without taking serious risks that they'll simply vanish. Even running the full duplicate a course process is risky at best. My team has lost dozens of hours of work at the worst possible time because these finicky processes are full of bugs and inconsistent on top of being complicated. If you inquire about them you get lectured about failing to understand the software--just what is needed when your work has disappeared. You guys apparently don't understand how teachers work.

4--pandemic mode has required a lot of teaming and cooperation that Canvas isn't able to handle. The result is a lot of complexity and confusion. This is of course was not Canvas's fault...last April. Now it's a failed opportunity.

5--!!!--Why is it so difficult to import material into or out of the Canvas system? It almost seems like the barriers are intentional. This means thousands, hundreds of thousands of keystrokes as existing materials are laboriously typed into Canvas quiz modes. Respondus has a fix but that's expensive and itself time consuming. Is it Canvas's intention to create barriers so veteran teachers can't make use of existing documents? Because it sure seems like it.

I'm a veteran. I've taught dozens of different courses. I'm comfortable with computers and I can manage software systems intuitively pretty well (for an older person). It should work well for me, but here I am biyotching at a message board when I have a lot to do. I have many more spicy opinions about using Canvas, all built on the basic premise that it's fantastically useful while being incredibly frustrating at the same time. I'd be happy to share more if I had any sense that it would help for the future.

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Now that Instructure is going to get rid of the legacy quizzes, the ability to download quiz responses in a CSV format is absolutely a must.  

I use the download in multiple ways to use my own grading script in Excel or another software. It also allows me keep an archival record of the student work in a much smaller file size.

Instructure really needs to add this component soon before else many of us will have no use of the new quiz tool even for the most basic quizzes. 

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Thanks for making that point vkgupta. The only thing I can appreciate at this point is the aesthetic of the new quizzes. They look better, but the lack of real functionality is so overwhelming that I simply cannot use them effectively for my setup.

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Yes, please! It is needed.

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Please add this - it would be SO helpful.

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I fully support this comment. It is unbelievable to me that you can't download student responses. I've never used any other quiz function that doesn't support this essential feature. Please prioritise adding it.