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New Quizzes: Download Quiz Statistics

New Quizzes: Download Quiz Statistics


Currently, there is no way to download or even print the entire Item analysis report from the new quiz feature in Canvas. This is a really useful feature that the original quizzes held. Please add this feature to the new Quizzes feature.

Community Member

I just commented on this, but now having read through all of the comments, I see this issue was brought up a long time ago.  I just don't understand why this isn't a priority.  I literally just spent over 4 hours manually entering the data into excel so I could create my own reports to drill down on the data - this is a ridiculous waste of time.  I'm ready to go back to paper exams, at least with Scantron or Akindi I can get excel files.  Please, please prioritize this. 

Community Member

I would like to be able to export student results for a new quiz: on one csv / report, each student and the responses to each item on the quiz. 

This capability would be on par with classic quiz and is needed when I want a more detailed look at each students response and can analyze results as a class with that context available. 

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Canvas records how many minutes a student spent in a quiz. Please include this information in the exported "student analysis" spreadsheet. Many instructors find this information useful. I had online chat with a tech rep and he agrees that this is a function that's helpful but not currently offered.

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We utilize the ability of Canvas Quiz to randomly select problems to generate "unique" tests for each student. However, the student analysis reporting in this case has significant issues that negatively impact analysis and require significant extra effort from the teacher: 

  a) the algorithm processes students in the reverse order that their grades were entered
  b) questions are not labeled nor are they grouped by type - they are added to the csv file in the order encountered as each student is processed.

Since there is no labelling and no ordering, questions that have the same point value have to be manually looked up and reordered. This is a time-consuming and error prone activity, which makes data analysis extremely difficult. This analysis is important to identify where students are struggling and if one version of the problem was significantly different in difficulty.

To be useful, AT A MINIMUM, the algorithm should:

1) order results in columns by problem # and version IN THE SAME ORDER as entered in the quiz.
2) At least preserve the Group name in the header (if one was defined).

It would be nice if the data were sorted (or there were options to sort) by period and student name.



Scott Murray

Mathematics/Computer Science Teacher, Los Altos HIgh School

Community Member

I need this feature!  Blackboard has this feature, and it's supposed to be an inferior platform.

Community Member

I am getting ready for my 5th pandemic semester using Canvas and still New Quiz doesn't output a simple CSV of my students text responses to fill in the blank questions. I use this feature to review anatomy questions asking students to "Identify the outlined structure".  Their incorrect answers are often more instructive in quiz review than the # or correct answers to a long list of correct answer variants. Even better would be to include a list of the incorrect answers in Quiz Statistics - like Learning Catalytics does.

I guess I am still stuck with Classic quiz for another semester. Glad Canvas didn't pull the plug in July 2021. I teach all summer.


Community Member

Please allow us to download CSV export files. We are being forced to switch to New Quizzes this summer, and the apparent continuing lack of CSV export (which would be on par with the classic Quizzes tool, as promised) is going to result in my having to reinvent numerous tried-and-true Canvas solutions to compare and consult student answers. I also would appreciate having information about time to complete included in the export document. 

Community Member

I am getting a bit concerned by the lack of response in this issue. It is clear from the numerous posts, that this is a concern to many of us. I don't want to beg...I just want a downloadable CSV preferably one that is sortable by both first and last name

Community Member

Another example of poor design with New Quizzes.

How this got through the initial build is beyond me.

Community Member

The final quiz in our courses are feedback from the students - three questions with likert scale and one essay question. We review the feedback regularly to improve the courses. We need the ability to download the quiz in a spreadsheet including the essay.

Since the quiz is built from an item bank, even being able to download the results from all items in a bank would give us the information we need to address student feedback.


Community Member

Just checking to see if there is an estimate of when quiz and item analysis reports in New Quizzes will be able to be downloaded or at least printable???

Community Member

In the age of remote exams, we'd like to be able to check for collusion between students during summative assessments. The two types of data we'd like to have access to are:

- student responses per question, in a format we can download for the whole cohort (CSV file or similar). This is or was, as I recall, possible with the 'old' quizzes.

- Timing data ('View log' data), downloaded in a CVS file (or similar) for the whole cohort.

Other exam platforms do allow us to do this, but I can't find a way of doing so in Canvas.

I am an 'instructor'.

Community Member

That this remains an outstanding update to New Quizzes is of concern to me.

Particularly as so many institutions move into the online courses space!

Instructure/Canvas need to make exportable item analysis data available as soon as possible. Old quizzes could do it, Blackboard can do it, other LMS choices can do it with ease.

Community Member

I would like to add my support to @david_simpson1  comment.  This needs to be prioritized AND we would appreciate an update on the status - is this being worked on?  Is there an estimated date when we can expect something?  This limitation greatly reduces my satisfaction with your product.

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