New Quizzes: Fill in the blank dropdown list reuse or import


I'm creating a batch of quizzes with a common set of answer choices (much like multiple choice) where a fill-in-the-blank (FIB) style is desired. I find that I am typing the same set of anser options for the drop-down style of the FIB quite often. It would be great if I could have a handful of drop-down list contents saved somewhere for reuse ("select answer list") or import.

Related use would be for creating surveys: items for a scale could be saved in such a list and applied to many questions. Think: Never, Seldom, Sometimes, Always

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I too would like to be able to reuse questions/answers. I teach Latin and so a common question is "what case is the underlined word", with the same set of answer options for each. I tried using the question bank, but that seems to require the correct answer be the same for each question. 

A "reuse this question & answers" that allows you to indicate a different correct answer would be perfect.

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I encountered the need to type the same answer set repeatedly with the Classic Quizzes' Multiple Dropdowns, which is what my institution has enabled, and it is a standard functionality in the better survey tools.

I would also like the ability to implement a matrix of questions, which is what I was trying to accomplish with the dropdowns.

                  A B C

choice 1 O O O
choice 2 O O O 

Apologies if this is already implemented. Thanks!

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I wish this feature was available as well but I found a work around.

You can copy questions between banks so I created a question bank and titled it Word Lists. I then created a question in this bank that has all my answer choices as the possible answers ie: Never, Seldom, Always with the question text as "[NSA] rank choices". I can now duplicate this question as many times as I want into the 'real' quiz bank.  It's a bit cumbersome, but it is much better than retyping long lists of words for every question. I typically have 15+ words in my drop down for vocabulary quizzes.

Hope this helps!