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New Quizzes: Filters for moderation

New Quizzes: Filters for moderation

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In moderation, it would be nice to sort students by class and name 

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open for Conversation
Community Advocate
Community Advocate

To clarify, is this idea asking that you be able to Moderate a New Quiz by Section?

If so, this is very much needed when a course has multiple sections and potentially over 100 students.

This idea was brought up in Classic Quizzes:

@jsparks - in that previous idea you mention:  "This is a solid idea, but not something we will implement on our existing Quizzing toolset.  We will consider this for future development in the Modern Quizzing Engine ; however, this would be further down the road. I will add this to our list of potential features. For now, I suggest we archive this idea."

Do you know when it might be added to New Quizzes, please?    thanks!


@cboroski @Hildi_Pardo consider adding a star rating and/or comment on this closely-related idea: 

Maybe this idea's rating & comments can focus on sorting, which I agree is needed.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Thank you @RobDitto !


This is a desperate need. At the very least, the the display order of the student names should be alphabetical. Currently it appears to be random. Filtering/sorting would be very helpful!

Surveyor II

We agree wholeheartedly!