New Quizzes: Filters for moderation


In moderation, it would be nice to sort students by class and name 

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To clarify, is this idea asking that you be able to Moderate a New Quiz by Section?

If so, this is very much needed when a course has multiple sections and potentially over 100 students.

This idea was brought up in Classic Quizzes:

@jsparks - in that previous idea you mention:  "This is a solid idea, but not something we will implement on our existing Quizzing toolset.  We will consider this for future development in the Modern Quizzing Engine ; however, this would be further down the road. I will add this to our list of potential features. For now, I suggest we archive this idea."

Do you know when it might be added to New Quizzes, please?    thanks!

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@cboroski @Hildi_Pardo consider adding a star rating and/or comment on this closely-related idea: 

Maybe this idea's rating & comments can focus on sorting, which I agree is needed.

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Thank you @RobDitto !

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This is a desperate need. At the very least, the the display order of the student names should be alphabetical. Currently it appears to be random. Filtering/sorting would be very helpful!

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We agree wholeheartedly!

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Great Idea! Hopefully Canvas will listen to this request. I am still waiting on them to allow us to sort previous courses in "All Courses".  Canvas, if you need help I have some first year programming students who could help you with a sorting algorithm.

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It seems that this idea has been raised before, but the links for sharing/promoting the idea redirect to a 404, so I am posting this here to keep it in the roadmap conversation.  It's bewildering that the list of students in the Moderate tab in new quizzes can't be sorted.  The students are currently listed in a random order--at the very least it should default to alphabetical by last name, or some order that can be more easily replicated in the gradebook. 


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Please consider adding the following in the 'Moderate Quiz' page:

  1. Sort by the 'Time' column as well as by the 'Student Name' column;
  2. Add a drowpdown somewhere neat the top of that same page that lets us select the class section (as I have merged two sections into one Canvas course);
  3. Let us see all the students in that section (even though they may be 200) on one un-interrupted list, without the need to click on the Next link at the bottom.

Thank you.

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We would also like a sort option for attempts or a filter which allows faculty to see which students have not yet attempted a quiz. This is especially critical in large classes. Currently faculty have to scroll through numerous pages to determine whether a student has started a quiz.

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Agreed-- it would be great to be able to moderate just a single class period as it occurs, rather than all sections at once. 

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This feature is desperately needed. I have 10 sections of the same course and I really need to be able to sort by section. The lack of the ability to moderate this has really caused me to think twice about using Quizzes in the future.


1. Sort in alpha order;

2. Sort by section; 

3. List all on one page. 

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I agree!  I have 5 sections and 100 students it would be extremely helpful to filter by section/group when moderating a a quiz.  

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We really need this feature ASAP for both New Quizzes and Classic Quizzes (before it sunsets). We have many teachers teaching multiple sections of the same course. It's difficult to moderate when all students show up on the screen when they are not taking the quiz at that moment.

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I totally agree - I teach 5 sections of the same course and it would be extremely helpful to filter by a specific section. When I am having students complete a quiz during my 5th-period class I only want to observe those students during that class period. It is tedious to have to sort through my other 4 class periods to monitor my students currently in my classroom.

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