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I'm not sure if this sort of functionality would even be possible, but it would be a very useful feature for a Grade by Question option to show all answers for a particular question on one page. For example, all student responses for question 1 together on one page, click "next page" for all responses to question 2, and so on, rather than clicking through each student's exam one at a time to see the particular response. This would significantly reduce the number of clicks needed, and would also help check responses for similarities to see if students might be working together behind the scenes on exams. 

An example where this would be helpful: we recently had an exam with 70 students consisting of 40 questions - multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, dropdowns, and about 5 essay-style. For the essay answers (and fill-in-the-blank, because typos happen), using the current Grade by Question functionality we had to click through each student about 8 times (over 560 clicks). If all responses to each question showed on a single page, it would have only been 40 clicks - one click per question, and we could better compare responses. Plus it would be more efficient due to less loading time between pages.

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This would be incredibly useful! The same thing is available in classic quizzes and makes grading so much quicker!

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This would be useful, but only if it could also "unshuffle" questions that were in a group. I like to put my questions in question bank groups so that the order they appear on the exam for students is random, in order to prevent academic misconduct. I was very disappointed to learn that Canvas cannot grade by question if you use this feature. Especially since it seems like a fairly easy fix (Canvas can do the quiz statistics for each question, even if they were shuffled in a question group, so it seems that Canvas is capable of "unshuffling" the order of the questions.)

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Can the next update please include the option to view all submissions for a single question on the same page?

Currently, the grade by question feature requires a user to (1) type the number of points, (2) click Update Scores or hit Return, (3) click the arrow in the student menu.

If instead users were able to see all submissions for a question on one page, then we could type the number of points for each student and THEN update scores a single time. Moodle has this type of function, and it is very efficient.

If not possible, could there at least be a warning if you type in the number of points and forget to click Update Scores?

Or barring that, could functionality of shortcuts to move to next student, previous student, submit grade, make comment be improved?  I have found the shortcuts only work to move forward and backwards while viewing grades; after making an edit the shortcuts fail.  For example, when I type in points and submit them by hitting Return, the forward shortcut ("j") does not work.  If forward, backwards, and submit could happen by keystroke, then at least grading would not involve moving between mouse and keyboard for every single student.


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This type of format would not be hard to implement and would vastly easy the grading of essay style questions, especially if a grading rubric could be implemented with this layout.

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Not only is this useful for grading, it is also useful for examining common wrong answers.  Being able to see one question on a page with all the answers would facilitate the instructor's ability to identify where students are making errors and thus improve instruction.

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Just coming from another LMS, many of our instructors used the Advance Grading to grade the same question by different student just by scrolling down the page.  I cannot find anything similar to this in Classic or New quizzes.

Am I missing it?


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I would like to grade quizzes by problem, rather than by student.

I like to give partial credit and I want to be consistent. When I graded paper quizzes/tests, I would grade all of number 1 first. I found by doing this the idea of the partial credit amounts (for particular partial work) could be kept in my mind for the entire classes work. 

If I give half a point for getting the correct fraction but not reducing it, I want to remember I did that and apply it to everyone. Grading by student, I can forget the subtle half credit I gave to one student and not provide it to another student.

Please bring the about soon.

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When grading short answer, essay, and other alternative-style questions, the instructor can use the Speed Grader, but the instructor has to review each student's individual response, save the grade, then proceed to the next student.  it would be much easier if the replies from each student appeared on one screen.  The instructor could grade each student answer, then submit at the end of the page, and grades would automatically be updated for each student.   This would eliminate having to review each individual student's test, and would be an enormous time-saver in grading, especially with large numbers of students in the class.  It would also improve instructor consistency in grading essays.   For examples, Sakai has this ability.   

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Our campus used to use D2L, which had a feature that I miss. You could call up single questions for each individual in a class and examine their responses, one after another. This is especially useful for short essay answers, where, in large courses, I am interested in making sure I use the same criteria for scoring student answers.  


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I would like to be able to grade all the submissions for question #1 in a new quiz for all the students in a course, and then move to question #2. Currently, you have to grade quizzes one student at a time. I think adding this option for grading would be a game changer for teachers! 

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Please add the ability to grade by question rather than by student.

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Can we please have this feature as it is a dealbreaker keeping instructors from moving to New Quizzes?

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Markers need to be able to grade one question at a time. This aids their marking process as they can then keep all the marking criteria in mind for an individual question, and then the marking process is more efficient, consistent and quicker.

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Teachers need to be able to grade a quiz by question not just by student. This will be more efficient. It is very click heavy and slow to grade quizzes and search answers kid by kid. 

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In the quiz grading feature: It would be awesome if you could click on one question, then every student who responded had their answer listed, and then I could assign a grade.

There is a feature like this in google forms, see attached screenshot.  I can select a question, then all of the answers from the students are automatically populated, and I can assign a grade.  Very few clicks here as well.

Open response grading in google forms.jpg

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It would be great to be able to grade all answers to a single essay question at the same time on the same page. It allows for quicker grading.  It would be great to have the students' names able to be removed for blind grading. Having all of the essays on the same page allows me to compare the answers and provide the same grade for similar answers without influencing by prior better or worse answers on the same test.

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It would be very helpful to be able to grade a batch of essay questions without having to click into each student's submission. Since we are currently unable to easily see which students' essay questions are scored (as all are marked with green checks when the student submits), this would at least assist somewhat in grading of mc/essay quizzes. 

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Yes please! PLEASE bring this functionality back to New Quizzes.

One way to grade consistently is to mark all the same questions together, then move on to the next question. MANY people prefer to grade in this fashion, and this option should ABSOLUTELY be available to us using Canvas. This is an option in the old quiz module, so why not in the new one? Removing this type of functionality feels like we are moving backwards. Please bring this functionality back to New Quizzes!