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I'm not sure if this sort of functionality would even be possible, but it would be a very useful feature for a Grade by Question option to show all answers for a particular question on one page. For example, all student responses for question 1 together on one page, click "next page" for all responses to question 2, and so on, rather than clicking through each student's exam one at a time to see the particular response. This would significantly reduce the number of clicks needed, and would also help check responses for similarities to see if students might be working together behind the scenes on exams. 

An example where this would be helpful: we recently had an exam with 70 students consisting of 40 questions - multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, dropdowns, and about 5 essay-style. For the essay answers (and fill-in-the-blank, because typos happen), using the current Grade by Question functionality we had to click through each student about 8 times (over 560 clicks). If all responses to each question showed on a single page, it would have only been 40 clicks - one click per question, and we could better compare responses. Plus it would be more efficient due to less loading time between pages.

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Blackboard used to have a way to grade a single question. I would like to grade the fill in the blank question for all students, I don't want to go through each individual test, I want to select the questions and be able to quicly see all student responses to that question and grade it on the same screen.

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When grading quiz questions that are not auto-graded, it would be useful if all of the student's answers for the same question showed up on one page. Even if the questions were randomized, the system should be able to organize the answers onto a single page. I've included a mockup of what it might look like. The mockup is showing an essay question, but this feature should be available for all question types.

Brian Minaji

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New quizzes do not allow for grading by the question. We have a survey asking about 55 students their opinion. We want to evaluate their feedback, but we have to go into each individual student's quiz to see their answers. With 55 students and 11 evaluations, this is extremely time consuming and seems like an easy thing to fix. Thank you for your consideration.

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Teachers should be able to view/grade responses by item/question number instead of having to click on each student and scroll their their responses. This way is not user-friendly, is tedious, and less productive.

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This would be incredibly useful!  Please include.

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Community members have been asking for this for years!  Please, please, please!  This is the only feature from BB that I miss. In fact, I would probably prefer to use Black board again just so I could have this feature back.

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This feature ABSOLUTELY needs to be in Canvas.  I want to provide CONSISTANT feedback and grading to my students.  Coming from another LMS this is on the top of my list of things I miss.  I am struggling to think of a reason this is not available.  Unbelievably frustrating.

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Yes please!  I make essay questions and I want to read through all my students answers before deciding how tough to be on grading.  The way grading in new quizzes occurs now it is very difficult to even switch from one student to the next if there are lots of questions because it starts back at question one. 

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Agree! This would help solve the issue of teachers struggling to determine which students they have graded and which have not been graded by allowing teachers to focus in on one question at a time.

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We keep having this request come up, please try and make this a thing. I have a lot of frustrated faculty.

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YES! As a paid service Canvas should really make this happen. A lot of faculty I know are frustrated by the lack of this option.

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Yes, please.  Adding to the pile here, and will go to the other threads and advocate as well.  PLEASE MAKE THIS A THING!  Thanks! peg

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Agree!  This will be very useful when grading short answer questions.  It is much easier to grade all submissions for each question rather than grade all short answer questions per student.  Please make this a feature in New Quizzes, and make it accessible even if you have selected the "shuffle questions" feature in the quiz settings (this was possible in Blackboard).

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This request was started in OCTOBER of 2020.

Is anyone at Instructure or Canvas listening to your PAYING CUSTOMER REQUESTS?

I don't understand how this request is so difficult to address, it existed in the OLD QUIZ MODULE.



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This function is essential for fair, consistent grading of answers that justify unexpected partial credit. I have been using this function on the old quiz model every time I grade for the past 5 years. I created my final exam using the new quiz model last quarter unaware that the ability to grade one (or a few) question(s) at a time had not been added. The lack of this function added several hours to my normal grading time because grading required unexpected, cumbersome efforts to ensure that I was giving partial credit fairly across all of my students' submissions. Please incorporate this function into the new quiz model ASAP.

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Please, please, pretty please with maple sugar on top and ICE CREAM, please bring this to NEW QUIZZES. I have a faculty member with SO.MANY.STUDENTS and she inadvertently scrambled her questions AND her answers and now is paying the price...she's miserable and hating canvas at the moment.  Please, please, please make this feature a priority?  Thank you!!

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Agreed, we have faculty requesting this feature in New Quizzes engine. Please upvote when available. 

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So, we just moved to Canvas and this is our first semester. We encourage our users to use 'New' quizzes, but I already have had several faculty ask about this. Please add the ability to grade by question. This is 2022 and the initial request came in 2020. 

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This is a key feature in classic quizzes; it is critical to fairness and consistency when grading students.  Doing all of one question at a time ensures you can be consistent and fair to students and is efficient for instructors.  Please ensure this functionality is present in new quizzes as it has been in classic quizzes.