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New Quizzes Grading Indication

New Quizzes Grading Indication


New Quizzes Grading

New Quizzes allows mixed question formats which could result in some questions being auto graded and some needing manual grading. In the grade book, using Speedgrader, there is no indicator of what is fully graded and what is not unless you use the moderator on each student and view the attempts. Our idea was to have the Green check mark for fully graded quizzes, a Yellow dot for partially graded and a Red dot for ungraded that shows in the  Student Drop down list where you can currently see the Green check mark. Instructors often have to step away and it would a benefit if they can quickly see where they left off and return to grading. 

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Quizzes that need review should absolutely be indicated in the gradebook and should appear on the instructor's to do list. The absences are a major departure from the basic design language of Canvas that all other items needing review use. I can't imagine deploying new quizzes on a large scale without this being addressed; it would cause mass confusion among faculty and students. 

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This is a must. 

Pls help me,  I don't want to go over every single students' essay questions to find out if she/he ever submitted the quiz. 



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Has there been any progress or movement on this issue?  It's been in discussions for almost 2 years now and is a HUGE issue for instructors.  CANVAS, do you hear us?

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@KRISTAGIBBONS Looks like there are a couple of other threads!  

Totally agree.  I have actually missed assignments and quizzes to grade because students took them at the end of the grading window and I had no clue about their submissions!