New Quizzes: Grading Notes (Essay Question) Text Feature

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The Grading Notes box in Quizzes 2 needs more text editing capabilities. I often need x squared and x cubed as answers to solutions to algebra and geometry essay questions. Being able to type those quickly would be a tremendous boon.

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I would like to be able to use Math Quill within the Grading Notes of an Essay type question in New Quizzes. 

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This is a MUST for us math teacher who have to grade EVERY question.  Currently we are writing things like 4-3x*4thrt(5x). Which is very confusing to most. It would be much better if we can put \(4-3x\sqrt[4]{5x}\), which of course would be a nice math looking expression.

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I absolutely concur!  I want to make a key for a stoichiometry question and cannot.  If you could just enabled the RCE that you can use in making the questions for the grading notes would be ideal.  I could then upload an image or imbed EquatIO answers. . . 

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Is there anyway that you can add Rich Content Editor to the Grading notes in Quizzes. As a math teacher it would be really helpful.
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I agree with all these comments--especially bmichael. I am a math teacher who assigns questions requiring students to write math expressions, diagrams, graphs, etc. I need the essay format because a multiple-choice or true/false question would give the student too much help and invalidate the question. I also use test banks so that each student gets a different test. It is not practical for me to keep a separate document on my device to act as the answer key--I need the answer key to be embedded in the test question. 

This feature needs to be added to New Quizzes soon. With Canvas phasing out Classic Quizzes next summer, those of us who have classes on Canvas need time to transition to New Quizzes. I personally have three online courses with many hundreds of essay questions that need to be moved to this new format. This is my last summer before the transition--I won't have time in the spring or fall to do all the work necessary to transition my assessments to New Quizzes. I honestly don't know how I am going to give my students assessments on Canvas if Classic Quizzes is phased out next summer. 

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Please add this feature as soon as possible.  It already exists in the question editor, so I assume it will be easy and quick to implement.


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This is sorely needed.