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New Quizzes: Immediate feedback in quizzes

New Quizzes: Immediate feedback in quizzes

Many times, we write quizzes that get progressively more difficult. I would love a feature where students can get grades as they go on a quiz. In other words, they can submit their answer for question 1 and see correct answers and/or comments before they have to submit their answer for question 2.  By doing such, a student could determine if they are on a completely wrong trajectory before failing an entire quiz. This can maximize effectiveness of instructor comments, identify key basic misunderstandings before advancing, give immediate feedback for the student, and allow the quiz to be both a learning and assessment tool.

Currently, the only option to do this is to create multiple one question quizzes instead of a single multi question quiz. This is not only cumbersome, but can be awkward within Grades (especially if you have settings to drop high/low scores)

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This is great for a straight forward quiz. I like to always include random review questions from the question bank and randomize the test questions so students can't look at their neighbors computer. For that reason, I hope they add "Quizzes.Next: Immediate feedback in quizzes" soon.

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Community Advocate  might be a way to develop this idea so that‌ idea can be built in to a wrong answer(s) without the flow of the quiz being interrupted.

Branching questions currently in Microsoft Forms although a little tricky to work with.

Branching questions also in H5P - Branching Scenario (beta) | H5P 

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?We have been asking for immediate feedback option for over 2 years now.

I guess we can just keep asking??

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It would be so nice to have this feature. It could potentially eliminate the need for each of my students to buy a $70 access code for online homework.


After coming from Moodle, I greatly miss this feature.  My students who started on Moodle last year and now use Canvas are rather upset that they can't get that immediate feedback and don't have the opportunity to fix (and learn from ) their mistake immediately.  Having to reattempt the entire "quiz" (for me formative assignment) is time consuming and a pain.  Also, many don't make use of the opportunity to reattempt it as a result.

I think part of the reason there aren't more up-votes for this is that it is very hard to figure out how to word this.  It took me a long time to find this thread, because there are so many ways to word this ide. 

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This would be highly useful. For most practice quizzes, it makes absolutely no sense to wait with the feedback. And having to split the quizzes into one-question parts is very awkward.

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At the risk of just being a "ditto", I would really, really, really like this feature. As many have already stated, the workaround is great if you don't want to randomize questions or use formulas to calculate answers. With students texting each other answers and making Facebook groups to show screen shots of answers, being able to randomize AND offer immediate feedback is very important.

Surveyor II Thank You I have been using this solution this semester with great success. 

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Hi John,

Excellent - really glad to hear it worked for you.

Like everyone else below, I'd still love to see the native integration and coupling with random number questions, but until then, I'm glad this is helping!

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Yes, branching seems like a great way to tackle this. I've been playing with quite a few packages that offer this recently, including Storyline, H5P, Captivate, Twine, Google Forms... even just making hyperlinks in powerpoint slide packages to guide students based on their choices. Alas, each of these choices has its pros and cons, especially when then trying to integrate with Canvas.

Of course, Canvas has the Mastery Paths option, but if you're planning on doing any serious amount of branching, I think the Gradebook would get very cluttered very quickly!