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The function of setting the amount of time for a quiz in Canvas, when setting it for the whole class, is very obvious. However, when the instructor needs to give students with special needs more time, the process is not obvious. One of our instructors asked how to give a student more time to take a quiz (he had been searching for quite some time on how to do this), and I didn't see how to do it, so I contacted Canvas Support and was told to go to the "Assign To" area of the quiz set up and use the functionality there to give the student more time because "it can be set to hours and minutes."

I'm sorry, that doesn't work. It only gives a longer time frame to access the quiz, but it doesn't do anything to increase how many minutes the student has to take the quiz. If the general directions give a time limit, let's say of 30 minutes, you can't use the time frame tools in the "Assign To" area to do the same thing.

I finally found out how to give a student with special needs more time, but it was not at all intuitive. (I'm going to have to create a help resource so our faculty know how to do this.) I had to go to "Moderate Quiz," find the student in the list, click the pencil icon in that row, and then adjust the time allowed.

Here's my idea: Why not make this part of the information that is added right up front on the quiz set up page? This could be done by adding a "Time Limit" field for all of the "Assign To" boxes that are added after the one for "Everyone." Then everything for how much time the student(s) have to access the quiz and take the quiz are all in one place. This will make much more sense for faculty. It will also be in keeping with the general truth that Canvas is easy to use.

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I agree with the Moderate Quiz as the only way.  I think that it would be better not only to make it easier but to set it on the student level in the sense that they get 1.5 x the amount of time for quizzes, like it says on their IEP or 504 plans.  This was no big deal before all online teaching.  I would have the student go to the learning center and they would proctor the test or quiz and provide that time.  I often forget to set this with EACH quiz.  It is fine if it is only 2 tests, but each quiz? It is an accessibility issue.  If I forget it is a problem.  I have 386 students a semester, remembering all the modifications is crazy.  And it would be nice to have a time multiplier rather than a minute thing and set it for the student at the beginning of the class.improved accessibility  modify quiz 504 #differentiated instruction

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Canvas already has a feature that allows a quiz to be assigned to separate groups of students, where the "available," "until," and "due" dates are all able to be different for different groups. The time limit for a quiz should also be differentiable like this, per group. (I have students who get extended time on assessments. To accommodate that on Canvas, I currently have to duplicate every quiz and type the list of kids for both quizzes because I can't use the "Assign to: everybody else" feature on separate quizzes.)

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