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One of our Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technology (AMDT) instructors has several assignments that use the numerical question type. This is due to tolerances being very important in the AMDT industry and numeric is the only question type that allows for tolerances. This is all well and good except for the fact that when typing out the answers Canvas automatically appends a leading zero on to the answer which goes against the standards that the instructor teaches. It does this on both the teachers end and the students end and preferably there would be an option to remove those leading zeros. possibly with a checkbox in the quiz settings area? In case my wording is confusing or I left something out I will post some images to demonstrate what I mean.

The answer section is typed without a leading zero


A leading zero is automatically added once the box is clicked out of appended.PNG

Using the preview tool to test how it looks on the student end

The answer is typed without a leading zero which is what is expected of the students


And again once the box is clicked out of the leading zero is appended to the answer which goes against what the students are taught and could be confusing. sappended.PNG

And the leading zero is appended in the final results as well, which has the same issue as above where that could confuse students. finalappended.PNG

Any additional questions are welcome but I hope I have described the issue and what we need for a solution in enough detail to hopefully get this much needed feature added. 

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Great Idea. This needs to be done immediately. We do not teach leading zeros in any way shape or form. We break them of this habit if they already have it. Leading zeros cause programming errors and machine crashes and is not a habit we want students to have.

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