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New Quizzes: Likert-scale question type as ready-option

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New Quizzes: Likert-scale question type as ready-option

The existing work-around for creating Likert Scale questions, as described below

How do I create Likert scale quiz questions?

is cumbersome and overly complex for the average user.


Link to the original discussion in old Help Center:

True Surveys: Likert Scale Questions and Results Viewable : Help Center


"A true survey, instead of a Quiz, would be very helpful. A feature to allow all students to see the results of the survey. For an example, many of my classes are project classes that are divided into teams. Skill sets are required. It would be helpful for all the class members to have access to the survey so they can see who has what skill sets."

Learner II

Hi Stephen,

I edited your idea and included the text of the posts in the old community that you had linked to because that site will go offline at the end of June.

Learner II

Many of the comments in the original discussion posts that Stephen referenced were made by people asking for a likert scale option


I agree the Canvas guide that Stephen linked is an overly complex process. It would be very helpful to have true likert scale questions.

Community Member

We would really like to have a likert question type as well.

Community Member

I, too, use Likert Scale-type questions in various surveys I give each of my classes.  As I work on creating my first set of classes after using another LMS for 11 years (OK, yes, Bb), I am really feeling the lack of this very useful kind of communication tool with its implied results and reports with my students. 

Thanks for submitting this idea!


Community Member


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A ready option for this would be very helpful.  Or at the very least having an eacy way to copy and edit the drop downs would be helpful rather than typing (copy/past) the same information, over and over again.

The other thing I'm trying to figure out is how to remove the "correct" answer issue.  Any ideas on that?

Community Member

We are only in our second semester of piloting Canvas and I just bumped up against this limitation. I need to create several likert scale questions in a mid-semester teaching evaluation. I would have voted for this feature if I had known about it. I'm sorry that I missed this opportunity!

Learner II

Hi Tanys,

Sorry to hear that you bumped up against this limitation.  When it went to vote it received 49 votes, which is half way to getting over the threshold.  That being said, I do know that likert scale questions are in the list of improvements to the quizzes that we would like to implement - no promises on timeline but it is a priority for our product team.

Community Member

Actually, at the time of voting opening for this (beginning of the new communities), the requirement was only 30.  This is one reason why it is so disappointing that discussions were closed.  Right now, we are so extremely busy with implementation that we don't have time to resubmit.  But if someone else does, be certain to add a link here so we can vote!