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New Quizzes: Limit playback of uploaded media on quizzes

New Quizzes: Limit playback of uploaded media on quizzes

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For foreign language instruction, listening comprehension is a critical component of learning/testing language acquisition. For quizzes, it would be fantastic to be able to upload a recording for the students to listen to, and then be able to limit the number of playbacks (one time, two times, three times etc) allowing them to listen, review their answers and then listen again if they needed another attempt. 

As it stands, you have to do a work around to limit questions one at a time with no go-backsies, which also can be problematic for other sections of a quiz. The only other option available right now is to upload the media and then the student can have infinite playbacks... neither of these is an adequate form to test listening comprehension. 


Community Team
Community Team
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Yes! As another foreign language teacher, I was wondering the same thing. I would love a feature like this. 

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Yes, this is a crucial feature for language teachers! Some of the professors I work with have had to play their audio recordings through Collaborate Ultra or Zoom live to replicate the effect, but that only works with synchronous exams and the audio quality suffers on the students' end.