New Quizzes: Make "Shuffle Answers" Option the Default


It took me a year to realize that if I didn't turn on the Shuffle Answers option then the first answer in any multiple choice quiz question was always the correct answer.  I noticed the feature but felt sure that Canvas wouldn't always list the correct answer first.  I mean, under what circumstance are you going to want the correct answer to always be option A??  I understand that there may be a scenario where you don't want to shuffle answers, but shouldn't it clearly be the default option?  Whatever those scenarios are for not turning that on, isn't it much more probably that a quiz maker is not going to want the correct answer to always be in the same position? Creating multiple choice questions without enabling this feature results in a disaster of a quiz, and it's not particularly easy to figure out what's happening by not turning on the "Shuffle Answers" feature. 

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Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for broader discussion, please be aware that in the New Quizzes tool, instructors can set the Shuffle Answers option at the global level for a quiz and also on a per-question basis. Instructions for a multiple choice question are provided in the Shuffle Answers section of How do I create a Multiple Choice question in New ... - Canvas Community 

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Yeah.... This needs to be fixed. I, once again, forgot to click the stupid "shuffle answers" box and my students got half-through the day taking a quiz where all the answers are obviously the first answer. 

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Canvas quiz multiple choice and T/F questions default to the first answer instead of none at all.

It's too easy to make the mistake of being so focused on constructing the question and answers that we have not remembered to choose the correct answer, so it would be great if it would force us to do that as it does with some other style questions.

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