New Quizzes: MathQuill for special numerical entries

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When choosing the numerical entry question in new quiz, the mathquill does not populate thus not allowing students to enter exponents, fractions, radicals etc as numerical answers.  Please fix this.

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Students should have the ability to use the equation editor in a numerical answer, or at the very least, be able to use the backslash (/) to give a fractional answer.

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The equation editor is not available in the answer, that is the problem.  Fractions are easy as you mentioned, however radicals and other irrational numbers cannot be entered.

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Please add this ability. I know this is a big ask but if canvas can grade general math expressions I will not need to ask my students to pay for MyLab any more.

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Mathquill toolbar needs a fraction and a division bracket

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also mixed numbers, make it similar to the classic tool bar

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It would be appreciated if you could use fractions in a numerical response question as a possible answer