[New Quizzes] New quiz participation should show in Access Reports, Pages and New Analytics


We use student reports to check for participation, important for our accounting of student work at the beginning and throughout the semester.  Participation and not just viewing is required.

  1. In the current Access Report, new quizzes do not show a count in Times Participated, only in Times Viewed.
  2. In New Analytics, although a new quiz submission does show under Course Grade it does not appear as a participation in Weekly Online Activity - only as a page view. 
  3. Same for user page views, which as an administrator I use frequently.  Page views does not display a checkmark under Participation, only the view is indicated.

Please add new quizzes participation in the above places so we can monitor participation.   Since Canvas knows there's a submission (it shows in New Analytics under Course Grade), I hope it will be relatively easy to make it appear in these other places too.  Thank you!

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Please add new quizzes participation in the Access Report, Weekly Online Activity, and Page Views under Participation.


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Why is this being discussed as a "new idea"? Submitting a quiz has always shown as Participation in the Access Report. Not doing this in New Quizzes seems more like a bug - or an oversight...

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Hey @Nancy_Webb_CCSF 

I know it feels like these should probably be submitted together, but each item here involves sending data to a different function of Canvas.  

There is an existing idea for New Analytics.  You can find it here. I did not find existing ideas for the Access Report (I was surprised) or for page views.  Will you please submit those as separate ideas?   

I was looking at the  Product Roadmap and the Quizzes Transition Group to see if we've listed any projects to better connect New Quizzes, which is an LTI tool, to data resources, and I'm not seeing anything in those 2 places yet.

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Thanks @Renee_Carne, yes, it's surprising there weren't any requests about tracking participation for new quizzes yet. Sometimes things take a while to get noticed.

I have done as you've asked and created two separate Ideas, links below. However, the New Analytics in the idea you linked to is New Quizzes Analytics (data analysis of student quiz submissions for a new quiz), not the same thing as New Analytics, used to track student activity in a course.  Athough doing a bit more research, I found this page so it is in the works:  "New Quizzes data is planned for the new Course Analytics offering but a timeline has not yet been determined. 

@bspiers@audrey_crawford @mjennings @ericwhitmer THANKS for your votes, and please vote on these 2 new ideas since this one is archived

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Community Team

Thank you, @Nancy_Webb_CCSF 

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@Nancy_Webb_CCSF  Done! Thanks for putting this out there.