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[New Quizzes] Observer View

[New Quizzes] Observer View

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The Observer view for a graded New Quiz is very limited. An observer can only see the score. In Classic Quizzes, an observer used to see the score, how much time was taken, and the specific questions/answers.  Will Canvas be updating the permissions in the Observer role so they can see the same amount in New Quizzes? It's causing some parents and guardians confusion and concern about why they can see results in one place but not another.

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open

Keeping the views consistent in both platforms would be helpful, especially in K12 where parents and guardians are much more involved in their child's education. 

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This a great way to help in communicating with parents! Please make this change.

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THis would be so helpful as we work to keep families in the loop with how kiddos are doing.

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It would be super helpful for this information to be consistent for observers.

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This update would be incredibly helpful for faculty in Higher Education as well. My team supports hundreds of faculty across various institutions and we are asked about this constantly. Many of our faculty like to share content across similar courses/sections; in the current observer role, this is something that is incredibly difficult to do. 

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We really need Observers to be able to view new quizzes.  We are using New Quizzes to capture evidence against Apprenticeship Standards and we need external assessors to be able to review quiz submissions to ensure learners have met the standards.  As we have 1000's of students and 100's of assessors using the observer role seemed like the 'least worst' situation and now we are going to have to control access via sections/enrolments and the creation, testing of a new role based on the teacher role I guess....  Major headache!