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[New Quizzes] Offer option to copy (rather than link) to questions in item banks

[New Quizzes] Offer option to copy (rather than link) to questions in item banks

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Problem statement:

In classic quizzes, when a new quiz question is created in a quiz, a copy is automatically saved to the "Unfiled" question bank for the course. The question is the quiz, however, is not linked to the question in the bank. Along the same lines, when a quiz author uses the Find Questions option in classic quizzes to add questions to a quiz from an item bank, a copy of the question is inserted into the quiz rather than linking to the question stored in the bank. It is thus possible to edit the question in the quiz without impacting the version in the bank and vice versa. The reverse is true in New Quizzes. When questions added directly to a quiz are subsequently saved to a item bank (using the Item Banking link) or individual questions from an item bank are pulled into a quiz, the questions in the quiz are inextricably linked to the questions in the bank, and, with the exception of points and settings, the questions can not be edited directly in the quiz. Instead one must edit the version in the bank thereby affecting all quizzes that use the question past, present, and future (not that prior attempts will retain the old version of the question). Linking questions in this manner can be a great time saver when errors in questions are discovered, but instructors may have good reasons for wanting to modify the question version in a quiz without affecting the version in the bank. For example, the questions in the bank may serve primarily as templates for the questions in a quiz...not the final versions of the questions. I suspect community members can add multitudes of additional use cases. My main concern, however, is that this behavior is decidedly different than classic quizzes and instructors may make decisions based on assumptions that aren't true.

Proposed solution:

In New Quizzes, when saving quiz questions to bank via Item banking, all the quiz author to decide whether to retain or sever the link between the original question and the version saved to the bank. Similarly, when adding individual questions to quiz from a bank, offer the option to create copies of the questions or link to the originals in the bank.

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Community Team
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