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New Quizzes Open in Multiple Tabs/Windows Warning

New Quizzes Open in Multiple Tabs/Windows Warning

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Support keeps telling me that errors with the recording of student submissions in Quizzes are caused by students opening a quiz in multiple tabs/windows at the same time. If this is the case, then I would like to recommend that a warning appear when a student with a currently open attempt of a quiz goes to open the quiz in another tab/window. Another option would be to have the warning appear as a warning message when the student goes to submit. In fact, having both messages would probably be the best user experience. As updates are not being done to the Quiz tool, I would recommend this update to New Quizzes to **bleep** this problem in the bud before students start reporting loss of their assessment work.

Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea. The reference in the idea description is specific to problems that were encountered in Classic (Old) Quizzes. As this conversation moves forward for broader discussion, we'd encourage current users of New Quizzes to contact support if they encounter a submission issue resulting from students having the same quiz open in multiple tabs.

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So, while it was not in a live class, I did test this with New Quizzes and found that the student work was lost when the timer caused the submission of a quiz that was open in multiple windows. I even submitted a ticket and received the answer:

"Both Classic and New Quiz were not made to be opened in multiple tabs and when you submit while having multiple instances of the same quiz opened it can cause the errors you're reporting. To make sure that your quiz submissions are accurate we would advise that you only have one instance of the quiz opened when submitting across all browsers and tabs. If multiple instances of the quiz are opened upon submission we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the answers."

I'm just asking for the opening of a quiz in a second window to set off an alert so that the student is aware of this issue. Otherwise, you put the responsibility on the instructors to remind students. That doesn't seem like the best user experience.

On another note, why was I bleeped in my original post when I said to "**bleep** this problem in the bud"? **bleep** is a verb that means "pinch, squeeze, or bite sharply."

Community Team
Community Team

@jw2546 Thank you so much for doing that additional testing! It's very valuable, and we appreciate your time. 

[For you and all of our readers, @jw2546 didn't use any profanity or objectionable language; our automatic smut filter operates from an excess of caution.]

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