[New Quizzes] Outcomes associated with questions in item banks should be included in Outcomes Analysis Report

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Problem statement:

According to How do I view reports for a quiz in New Quizzes?, outcomes added to questions in item banks are not included in the New Quizzes item analysis report. The implementation of outcomes in New Quizzes is fraught with random decision that do not reflect the needs of the Canvas community. Many faculty rely heavily if not exclusively on question/item banks for quizzes because random draw increases academic integrity. Moreover, in Classic Quizzes, associating outcomes with banks (and therefore all questions in banks) was the only means of assessing learning mastery in quizzes (with the exception of rubrics, which are not helpful for autograded quizzes).

Proposed solution:

The reporting of outcomes results to all standard reports (Outcomes Analysis, Learning Mastery Gradebook, Account-level reports (for account-level outcomes), should occur regardless of where the questions are located (quiz, item bank) as well as where the outcomes are located (course, sub-account, account).

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Community Team
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