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New Quizzes: Partial Credit for Matching Questions

New Quizzes: Partial Credit for Matching Questions


In new quizzes, there needs to be the ability to award partial credit for matching questions. At the current moment, it is either all or nothing. I know you can "fudge" points at the end, but we need the ability to make each matching item worth points. 

Community Champion

Dear Layne

I do not read this as having a go at developers but I do sense the frustration of this user and it is no different to the many others, myself included, who have voiced opinions and made negative comments of New Quizzes.

As someone with a strategic role for elearning, I would be challenged quite justifiably if I recommended a new product that does not have parity with the existing one (matching, partial marking, HTML editor) or whose functionality is reduced (fill in the blanks, RC editor) etc. Whilst it is important to recognise that New Quizzes offers many new features, it would surely be expected that a new product would do this on top of what was already in place?

I am not sure that the development of any new product should be a slow process. It should be measured and planned but the tag of 'slow' does nobody any favours, least of all those paying for the product and those hoping to persuade others to move to it.  I don't disagree with your ideas of simplicity but please don't let this be at the expense of functionality, work flow and to quote the Canvas strap line- making teaching and learning easier. When I began on the community, I most definitely thought the product was more agile. Now I am not sure. Perhaps the whole notion of the Ideas model creates the wrong impression but there does seem more of a disconnect between suggestions put forward in the Community and product developments (I appreciate that the Community only represents a small percentage of overall users). 

Let us agree on the last part of your comment about New Quizzes and Development Priorities. New Quizzes has been ignored. The product timeline is vague as regards the development of core features - User Group: New Quizzes and unless the idea and others similar to it appear in the unhelpfully vague - Ongoing feature additions and improvements (2021), then you may need to find another word for slow! A recent statement was made by Mitch Benson promising 'loveable quizzes'. Whilst this does at least recognise the product, I have no idea what it means in terms of all the ideas suggested and how the product is taken forward. What many in the community would like is some straight talking and clarity about the development of the product. Perhaps someone from product development would host a webinar with an opportunity for questions?

Finally it is important to recognise that Instructure is going through a period of huge change. I am saddened at the loss of jobs, particularly at a time when products like Canvas should be in their element and other products are making considerable strides forward. Like many others in the community, I got to know some of those Canvas staff personally. Canvas was always more than just a product to them and they were passionate about how it could enhance and transform digital learning. 


Community Champion

Hey Gideon,

Your post is spot on. Development and communication are two company weaknesses.

My comment was based on the value of creating an account here and posting only a complaint. It’ll most likely be ignored. In contrast, an active community member should be heard. 

I love to play the ‘If I were a consultant” game. What would I suggest?

1. Put all development resources into new quizzes. Blow out the competition with a product which goes beyond expectations. Right now, new quizzes is underwhelming; it’s alphaware presented as betaware. It’s incomplete. 

2. Look at  and see how a nimble company uses community, communication, and consistency to foster the company growth. Copy the model. 

3. Dedicate every marketing resource into keeping customers. A loss of one is the loss of uncounted dozens. How do you keep customers? Follow the ideas here and get them done. Listen to the users of the product, duh. 

How does this relate to this feature? It’s a no-brainer. Get it done and it’ll release some tension. Instructure needs a victory. It’s staring leadership right in their faces. Partial credit is being demanded and so the company must follow through.


Community Member

@Layne: I appreciate the call out. I am frustrated and perhaps that led to a more harsh expression than was reasonable.

And perhaps I also don't understand the forum format because I am new to the forums.

So let me clarify a few points:

  • I have been using Canvas for the last 4 years, so it is not that I am new as much as I am new to forums because I felt like it was important to have my voice heard.
  • I was not threatening to abandon Canvas, but trying to communicate that I will be encouraging my peers to not use New Quizzes, because they are not functioning in a manner which is useful to our department. I will encourage them to continue to use the old quizzes. I see that they are trying to phaseout old quizzes, but they clearly haven't worked out a lot of the kinks that they need to yet.
  • Canvas services: I thought that this was the appropriate place to give Canvas feedback... They asked for it earlier, but I didn't have any. I guess when I read through the forum, I was surprised that Canvas does not have any spokesperson or moderator to address such concerns that were listed for the last two years.
Community Champion

Appreciate the time you took to reply. We are all frustrated. I've been using VLE/LMS at K12 for nearly 20 years. Canvas is a great product, but it has the potential to be a brilliant one!

Agree with you 100%. Focus on the core. Address the issues. Work with the community. 

Community Champion

Thank you for explaining !

Welcome and please don't by shy. This community has saved my bacon many times. 

In terms of this feature -- it's a no-brainer. I'm surprised it isn't done. However, as a person who released software (years ago), positive feedback is always helpful and negative feedback gets the bristle. We are all human and we are all frustrated by the slow development of new quizzes and many other highly voted features. 

Let's hope leadership is paying attention to this thread. They really harm future viability by ignoring ideas from this community. In fact, if I was the competition then the ideas section would be beautiful product development research.

Community Member

Kathryn Durham

I feel it defeats the purpose of having matching or categorization questions if CANVAS does not automatically give partial credit for the correct answers.  In the old exams partial credit was given so I am worried that when instructors switch to the new exam format they will not realize that partial credit is not being given for these questions.

Community Champion

Which is a point well made, then tell them that they need to go into each quiz and manually mark those questions..... 

Community Member

Please, please add partial point options to the New Quiz type soon!

I've been told we will only have old quizzes working first semester, but partial points for matching isn't available yet. 


Community Member

WE have several instructors who need to be able this as well. Please make this a feature option. 

Community Member

Just curious as to whether this partial credit idea was ever implemented?  I agree that all questions need the ability to decide how to give partial credit automatically.  What's the use of having an automatically graded quiz, if we still have to sift through each item manually to decide about adding partial credit.

Community Member

This is absolutely needed for new quizzes.  Students need to be given credit for correct matches in a matching question and this makes no sense to be all or nothing. It does not give teachers the data we need to evaluate mastery and therefore renders the entire type of question invalid.   

Community Participant

As others have noted, the new quizzes in Canvas has great question types, but the lack of grading options makes it useless to me. My goal of Canvas quizzes has always been to create a meaningful assessment that is graded by Canvas.

1. I need partial credit options on ALL question types.  

2. I need the ability to use MathType or a similar program on ALL question and answer blanks for teachers AND students.

Community Member

This needs to be changed.  This makes the matching function essentially useless as a question type.  This was reported over 3 years ago, why has this not been fixed? 

Community Member

We just made a quiz and realized after 90 of our students took it that this is the case. We now have to go and manually grade their tests.  I found the forum and I would like to help push this forward.  With the COVID-19 shift to online and districts mandating we use this platform, this is something that should be mainlined through development.

I agree with this previously posted statement: We need this for matching, as well as multiple answer, categorization, and ordering.  It kind of defeats the purpose of having self-graded questions if teachers have to go back through and check each one to adjust points--many teachers just won't use them because it's a major nuisance.  These are great question types, but in the classroom (and even on standardized tests), students can earn partial credit.  I'd like to see Canvas grading more reflect how most teachers grade assignments.

Community Member

ABSOLUTELY! This makes grading so much easier. I am turned off of New Quizzes just because they aren't all coded for partial credit. All of nothing creates anxiety in the kids because they automatically think they did worse than they really did. Make the assessment show what they truly scored.

Community Member

This still hadn't been updated, despite a Note announcement 4-28-20 saying it has. I just took my assessment using the preview option, and it gave me zero when I didn't match them all correctly.

Community Member

YES this has to be added, it is outrageous that the new quizzes don't give partial credit where the old ones did! 

Community Member

Adding my voice - this would dramatically improve the usefulness of New Quizzes.

Community Member

Please make this change.  This is necessary. 

Community Member

Agreed. Adding my voice to the request for partial credit. I can count, but this makes it more work to grade *(and the kids flip out when they see that they scored 0/20 for one wrong answer)

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