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New Quizzes Question Type - Drawing

New Quizzes Question Type - Drawing


Many of our fully-online courses (particularly in science and math) require that students draw a diagram or process in their assessments, and when combined with proctoring tools, this becomes a complicated process.  The current workaround is that students download a PDF as a question type within a proctored exam and submit this later as an assignment submission, but there are many technological and time-consuming issues with this process for both students and instructors, including confusion about the numerous steps, printing issues, scanning issues, uploading, file type errors, verifying that students completed the drawing within the time allotted, and others. 

This would be vastly improved and streamlined if instructors could simply create a "drawing" type question directly in Canvas where students would use a mouse or other device to input lines and text that would then be manually graded by the instructor.

It would be a very helpful function to allow instructors to annotate drawing corrections directly on the student's entry when grading.

Note: currently presents a number of technological issues with our proctoring tools, and instructors have expressed that using a multiple choice question where students would simply recognize the correct drawing from a list is unacceptable for their learning outcomes.

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I agree with all of these comments. I teach Physics and Chemistry and have been asking for this for a long time with Canvas. I would love to actually utilize the Quiz features in Canvas, but I simply cannot "fool" myself into thinking that them selecting the right answer in any way shows that they know how to get to the answer, which is much more important. There is simply no good way to show work through Canvas. This has been one of its major downfalls for math, science, engineering, etc. I have a handful of teachers who have continued to lobby against utilizing Canvas for this one reason. In this "new" normal that we live in, all teachers are working harder than they already were. With all of the technological capabilities out there, this single request shouldn't pose such a problem. Yet it remains a request that has yet to be implemented. Please Canvas... make this happen. This would be a game-changer for so many teachers out there. It would give me a reason to actually like Canvas instead of just use it because our district pays for it... 

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Having this option in all areas of canvas for math teachers would be amazing.  Math requires showing work. If students could do that on a quiz, OMG blow my mind game changing stuff.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

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Yes, please. Another math teacher here.

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I fully support this idea, which would also be useful for Secondary level Physics classes to draw force diagrams, annotate, etc.

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This would be very useful!

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This original post speaks of being able to draw lines and such.  I would like students to be able to free draw in color.  Many of our K-2 teachers are linking Canvas pages to Seesaw simply because the students can't easily write or color on an assignment.

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Simple drawing tools (primitives: Line, Box, Oval) would be a giant step in being able to communicate nonverbally. 

Is the problem through-put? I have constant failures to load (502 Bad Gateway), drawings over jpgs that fail to save without notice, routinely slow loading and reloading of images, and generally poor response from the few tools that do exist. 

This also points to poor version control, where Assignment resubmissions wipe out previous entries and associated comments (from teachers and peers, much less visitors) and don't retain date stamps. 

Considering the age of this thread and the fundamental functionality at issue, I'm afraid Canvas just isn't built for iterative communications ("learning"). That dog won't hunt.

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Any drawing functionality, please!

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This is an awesome idea!!! 

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This is such a good idea, and I can see it being used in just about every discipline. Please consider implementing it.

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Agree! As an ELA teacher, we like students to be able to highlight, draw or annotate on the document so we can see the path they are using to correct misconceptions and to reinforce the use of strategies.

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I teach chemistry and this would be an AMAZING addition. I could ask students to draw molecular structures and other diagrams (like phase diagrams or heating curves)

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100% agree

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Drawing tool! Annotation on diagrams - it seems like it would be a little tweak to the RTE? 

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i too suggest to add this feature to canvas so that this drawing tool help students a lot for practicing and doing assignments even after completing online courses

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This would be a really nice addition to the toolbox.

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This needs to happen. Please do it. Quizzes are horrible without it

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I would love for my students to have the ability to draw in online quizzes.  As it is right now, I have them draw on paper and then submit that paper to me separately.  I would much rather have it all online.

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Sorry, fairly new here and just wondering how to upvote an idea? Just by commenting here, or is there something specific I should be doing? Right now I'm relying on external tools for the kids to write (like Kami, for example), but it would be soooo much easier to have a drawing tool available within Canvas assignments!