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New Quizzes Question Type - Drawing

New Quizzes Question Type - Drawing


Many of our fully-online courses (particularly in science and math) require that students draw a diagram or process in their assessments, and when combined with proctoring tools, this becomes a complicated process.  The current workaround is that students download a PDF as a question type within a proctored exam and submit this later as an assignment submission, but there are many technological and time-consuming issues with this process for both students and instructors, including confusion about the numerous steps, printing issues, scanning issues, uploading, file type errors, verifying that students completed the drawing within the time allotted, and others. 

This would be vastly improved and streamlined if instructors could simply create a "drawing" type question directly in Canvas where students would use a mouse or other device to input lines and text that would then be manually graded by the instructor.

It would be a very helpful function to allow instructors to annotate drawing corrections directly on the student's entry when grading.

Note: currently presents a number of technological issues with our proctoring tools, and instructors have expressed that using a multiple choice question where students would simply recognize the correct drawing from a list is unacceptable for their learning outcomes.

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I thought for sure during the pandemic Canvas would roll out some more frequent updates, including a drawing question type. Why hasn't this happened yet? As a science teacher I frequently have my students drawing and labelling diagrams.

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This feature would be appreciated in multiple contents. Please add 

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I agree that this would be extremely helpful -- to create a quiz drawing option that is set up similar to the white board in Zoom, with a save/submit option.  It is far more cumbersome and time consuming to tell students how to submit drawings with the file upload option!


I completely agree that this would be an extremely valuable question type. With the push to build up Canvas for Elementary this should be a priority.  Students many times need to show their work (especially in Math) and littles are not capable of File Uploads.  Either the DocViewer or a HTML Canvas should work...

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This would be so huge. I have been working with our Math and other science departments trying to figure out a way to test better in Canvas, and this would really help.

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Please add this capability! It is much needed for science and math.

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A year and a half later sounds like this suggestion is falling on deaf ears... currently, Canvas is geared only toward English and the Humanities. Science and Maths is left behind. Unfortunately, our administration has decided ALL formal assessments have to be completed via Canvas, so we're stuck up **** creek without a paddle. Yet again teachers' lives are made even more difficult by those higher up who have lost touch with what it is like to follow their orders.