New Quizzes Quiz and Item Analysis: Allow answers to retain formatting

Currently in “Quiz Statistics” the text provided from the answers is stripped of all formatting when generating the statistics. Because of this, answers as shown by the "Quiz Statistics" function does not show the complete answer if there is a greek letter, superscript or subscript present. Greek letters are missing entirely.  Superscripts and subscripts are presented as full size numbers. This is awkward when discussing answers with a class. It would be helpful if the answers retained the formatting so that all greek lettering and super/sub scripting would be visible to students during class discussions.

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Hi,  @sallie_davis ‌, since we're no longer developing on the code base for Old Quizzes—which is where the term "Quiz Statistics" displays—we've amended the title to indicate that the request applies to the Quiz and Item Analysis in New Quizzes.


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