New Quizzes RCE Editor for All Question Types (incl fill in the blank)


Please consider additional RCE question text editing for New Quizzes, under all questions types, similar to the RCE editing in Stimulus question type. 

Language professor migrated Classic Quiz to New Quiz. Has multiple fill in the blank questions. The question area in Classic quizzes consists of a table with the identifying information. The fill in the blank portion consists of 7 responses each with a variation x 4 of possible answers. 

See Canvas support Case # 08309592 for quiz item details. Quiz 9, question 6. 

Alternative in New Quizzes is to rebuild the extensive question with Stimulus question type to replicate the table and Fill in the Blank question to go with the Stimulus table. A lot of work to replicate. 

Can you investigate the details in the Case # and consider RCE for various question types or provide an alternative with fewer steps to recreate the content. Using New Quizzes is not easily transitioned in this case. 


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Thanks for sharing this request, @bgarner . Requests for the addition of the RCE to each of the question types in New Quizzes are already active in the Idea Conversations forum. Please use the search term "New Quizzes" to find those ideas and add your comments and ratings to each one.

Most likely the professor's quiz didn't migrate correctly because New Quizzes doesn't support tables in fill-in-the-blank questions. The design of F-I-B questions in New Quizzes is quite different from how they are created in Classic. One of our members has submitted a feature idea requesting tables as a new question type:  New Quizzes Question Types - Completing a Table 

If the professor still needs assistance on the case, please ask them to follow up directly on the ticket by replying to the email notifications they receive.