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New Quizzes - RCE to match Canvas

New Quizzes - RCE to match Canvas

Idea is currently in development

Please feel free to turn this feature idea off if it's been addressed (or on it's way?) but I am not initially seeing it. With the new Rich Content Editor rolling into Canvas (June 2020), can I request that we have one RCE across Canvas (inclusive of the Equation Editor)? 


I'd like to request New Quizzes use the same RCE as within a Canvas course. (or at a minimum can the icons and locations of options be the same?)


Training and supporting a single content creation tool for rich text allows for a more seamless adoption of New Quizzes and ongoing consistency.  Faculty and students will see the New Quizzes as part of Canvas a bit more easily.  (and no need to reinvent the wheel Smiley Happy).  


New RCE (Wiris-like Equation Editor)

337050_Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 11.35.16 AM.png

New Quizzes RCE (MathQuill Equation Editor)

337051_Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 11.36.38 AM.png


Idea is currently in development
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Another reason to stick to one editor is that there can be custom integrations in the editor. In our institution we use Canvas Studio. This is available in the new RCE but not in the new quizzes RCE.

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It only makes sense to have the same RCE wherever you encounter it in a course.

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Yes, I would very much love this.  Trying to do a roman numeral list in New Quizzes is impossible and its such a simple feature!!

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Agree with this for all reasons outlined above. Having to train faculty in using two very different RCE's is one reason (note, there are many) that we have not yet enabled New Quizzes at our institution.

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I agree that having the same RCE toolbar would be useful. However, I will say that I much prefer the image upload option in New Quizzes that to the new RCE - it is much more straight forward to understand, especially for students!

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@ndeatherage I do find it easier to upload the images as they just upload and off you go. However, where do they go? And how do you manage those files?

I also find that we can't link to a document within the question in Quizzes. It needs to be hosted somewhere independently of Canvas (ie Dropbox) to be able to link to a URL. You can't upload a document. Why would we need to do this? The file upload question type - if we need students to fill out a document and upload it to support the quiz questions (ie a hazard identification form) and it isn't a big enough thing to put in its own assignment (and out of context in its own assignment). In Classic Quizzes we could do this as it stored the files in the Canvas course. But with new Quizzes being an LTI it doesn't do this (and you can't link to a document in the course because then the link doesn't get updated if you copy the course).

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This. There are so many baffling things about the New Quizzes, and this is quite high up the list.

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Instructure Alumni

For everyone interested in this conversation, please have a look at Peyton Craighill's blog post RCE Updates - Fall 2020 and add your thoughts to the comments section there.

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I was able to go into a couple of courses and migrate quizzes into New Quizzes. On a good note, the courses were Greek and Hebrew courses and the fonts came over correctly!  At issue is the lack of HTML editing as well as font style choices. Several quizzes migrated, but have different font styles (serif and san serif as well as different font sizes). I need to go in and align them all for consistency, but there is no font type selection or HTML coding editing allowed. I can align font size fine, but not style (Ariel,  Times New Roman, etc.).

I would love to see this feature added by New Quizzes with pressure from the Canvas community to make their editor offer the same features as Canvas' new text editor.  Otherwise, it is very frustrating!

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In general, I agree.  One caveat, the mathquill provides beautiful images that cannot be autograded because they are IMAGES, not latex code that could be autograded.  I do not understand the functionality of mathquill as it can only be used for question stems and not answers.  Of course, students have access to it but only for essay questions that have to be manually graded.  It is so easy to grade latex code and I am used to providing multiple correct answers in the math courses I teach.

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I like to include data and equation sheets with exam questions but this is not allowed in New Quizzes without going to some rigamarole to link to the document.  This is particularly difficult if using Respondus Lockdown Browser with the exam quiz.  Additionally the math editor is way too primitive.  However, I did figure out how to get around it by using inline latex code by using the begin and end flags \( latex code inside \).  For example, you can write "\(^{235}_{\phantom{2}92}\)U" to get more control over what you write for formulas, etc.

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YES YES YES!!   Some consistency across the interface please!!   If you have an RCE on the page / item / question / whatever, then it SHOULD HAVE all the features of all the other RCEs!


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I like to embed PDFs for my students to view or print off while taking a quiz. With the new quizzes, I have had to embed a link to the file from my google drive for them to get to the PDF, which is more work for me when creating. It also takes the students to a new tab, and I prefer to keep the students on one tab.

Please include the embed document button in the new quizzes.

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Having the same RCE as on the pages better allows us to provide listening texts and even oral administration for accommodations. 

It also easily allows students to submit recordings in the quiz. Therefore, language teachers can have functional simulated conversation that students move through, and don't back track. 

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I regret selecting new quizzes because of the lack of functionality with fill-in-the-blank questions. I too would like the ability to have multiple lines and formatting. In my opinion, when I use fill-in-the-blank in new quizzes, it always looks quite amateurish. It does not match the rest of the exam in format or style.

Also, I have a large selection of questions I can no longer use because they use formatted text representing source code with missing elements. I have my students fill in these elements to complete the programs. In real quizzes, this was quite simple. In this new engine, it is utterly impossible to do. 

This is a huge step backwards in functionality.

New Member

Please add a way for teachers to post audio to questions in NeW Quizzes either in item bank questions or for items on quizzes we create ourselves. 

Many students have accommodations that require audio with their assessments. 

Sometimes teachers would like to practice listening to audio of questions  or instructions on assessments. 

Formative assessments have sections with audio built in. Students need the practice of listening to the audio with their quizzes. 

I am sure I am not the only teacher in Canvas who has noticed it isn't possible to add audio of the question in New Quizzes. 

For comparison, there are online digital worksheet platforms,, where you can record audio. I've been linking this for practice in Canvas. The same for several others. It would be more convenient for Canvas to offer that tool. 

Thank you. 

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I need the RCE to have better font choices.

Chemistry relies on symbol recognition.  IIIIIIIlIIIIIIII  That is a line of uppercase i with ONE lowercase L  You can't pick it out.  Even if you could, CI might be carbon and iodine or it might just be chlorine.  I used the <> toggle in the assignments to edit the HTML and use the Garamond font.  However, I also would like the choice of comic sans for my dyslexic students.  Apparently, comic sans is able to be read more easily by dyslexics and with fewer errors.

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We are running into another issue with New Quizzes. When we copy courses from a template, the copy process randomly makes some New Quizzes "unpublished" while others remain "published." All quizzes were set as "published" in the templates, so there is a glitch somewhere that unpublishes some when letting others go through as they were originally set.

Anyone else experiencing that?

Community Champion

@kmahaffy, if you have time, could you ask your question in the New Quizzes Users Forum?

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Done!  Thanks, Rob.