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Problem statement:

I am a teacher in a school coming from Moodle and there have been instances where a question needs to be regraded En Masse (non-essay type questions). The procedure in Moodle would involve fixing any error in the answer and afterwards clicking the Regrade All button.This would see the test remarking all the submissions for all the questions from all of the students against the questions set inclusive of any changes made after the fact. As it stands now the version of the quiz that is set initially for students in New or Classic Quizzes remains and this has been a major inconvenience to teachers who have had this feature to rely on in Moodle. Even in New Quizzes where regrades are available it only allows for regrading one question at a time.

Proposed solution:

I am proposing a Regrade All button to be placed in the Moderate this Quiz page. This button will regrade all non essay questions against any changes made to the questions used for the test.

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This would be 100 percent useful. The faculty at my college would greatly benefit from this being an option.

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Yes! That would be very helpful.