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New Quizzes: Remove Inactive students from Moderate Quiz page.

New Quizzes: Remove Inactive students from Moderate Quiz page.


It would be extremely helpful to remove the Inactive students from the Moderate Quiz page.

Especially now, when we moved to remote mode of education and we monitor the exam progress live using the Moderate Quiz page.

I cannot quickly tell what students just did not start the exam yet, or are not in class anymore (dropped or withdrawn).

I have to open the People page to cross reference the lists.

Adding sorting options to the Moderate Quiz page would be equally helpful. 

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Either remove them, or at least flag them like they are on the People page.

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I would agree this is confusing, particularly because students move from full-time to part-time cohorts at the last minute and an inactive status is not adequate to recall why the student is inactive. They do not show for assignments, so why for quizzes? 

Removing them from this view would be efficient and allow greater focus for proctors.

I also like the idea presented of sorting them into categories - in progress, completed, not started so as students exit we can see the numbers moving from one category to another and the same for those starting the test and identifying late students. Issues with that - but for another discussion.

Kindly, Dawn

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I totally agree.  Having inactive students in the list has no purpose that I can imagine, and is inconvenient :  it prevents knowing immediately which active students have not taken the quiz.  Thank you for the post.

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Agree agree agree!!

Inactive/dropped students clutter the "moderate quiz" window and have no purpose!!

Being able to sort by options other than last name would also be lovely.  

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I agree absolutely.  I have 40 students in my class, and an addition 33 on the moderate quiz site.  These are students who are not, and have never been in my class, but apparently signed up for it during open registration, and then switched to a better class (I teach the early morning class) when a spot became available.  They are not on my grade site and are all listed as "inactive students" on the people site, but for some reason, Canvas thinks they should be on the moderate quiz site.  This is a big glitch and waste a lot of time as I have to sort through 3 pages to find the quizzes I need to grade.  I hope they fix this soon.  

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When using a quiz, for a synchronous examination in particular, it would be beneficial to view only students who are active in the course.  This would allow an easy view of who has not started the exam, but should have started.  This can be seen, but the list also includes inactive students, who of course are not taking the exam at all.  At my institution at least, these students have in fact already dropped the course.  They are not listed in the Gradebook.  It would be helpful to have the option not to see them at all in the quiz monitor.

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Agree with all that's been said above. New Quizzes add some nice functionality the classic quizzes don't have, which I appreciate. HOWEVER. Inactive students should be hideable, or filterable (there's already a filter option!), or just not shown. Students should be sortable in the moderate view alphabetical by name (at least!) if not also by status of quiz attempt or time remaining or something; I cannot think of a reason I would ever want to sort them by CanvasID, which is what is currently done. (In addition, the moderate view for classic quizzes used to update in realtime with the amount of time remaining on student attempts -- the fact that the New Quiz moderate view skips that information detracts from the usefulness of the moderate view, in my opinion.) 

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Teachers without the ability to remove "inactive" students from their people page find it extremely difficult to moderate quizzes when they have to go through and skip all of their inactive students from a quiz.  I agree there needs to be a way to filter or hide inactive students. 

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The moderate quiz list includes students who were previously enrolled, but dropped, so are now inactive. 

Could we have the 'Inactive' tag that appears in People also appear with students in the Moderate Quiz list?


Perhaps just provide an option to hide Inactive students. Either solution would work.