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New Quizzes: Resend grades to gradebook button

New Quizzes: Resend grades to gradebook button

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There is a Known Issue that seems to have no one resolution.  New Quizzes are not always passing back to the Gradebook. The issue states there are a number of causes, that it's how LTIs work, so it can't be fixed.

Why:  This is a real problem when instructors have large gradebooks and don't notice that all the quiz grades are 0s, or even if they do.  Currently we can contact Canvas support, the issue gets escalated to L2 support, and they can push the grades to Canvas.  But this takes time.  Sometimes when final grades due there is no time for the L2 support option to work. It's a burden on Canvas support too.

Solution: Could we have a button on the New Quizzes Moderate tab that can be used by the teacher to push the grades from the LTI to the Gradebook?  Hopefully this would also work in the instance of the course or term end date being past LTI submissions not passing to SpeedGrader when Term/Course dates have concluded.  (When students still have access after the course/term end date and can take a late quiz.)

Perhaps the button could show how many grades had already posted, so it wouldn't unnecessarily used.  A popup could state "If the grades are already in the gradebook, it's not necessary."  Like this:




Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Archived


Thanks for referencing the Known Issue document for this issue; that was very helpful. While this is an excellent idea, we remain hopeful that developing a workaround of this type will not prove necessary. The recent fix that was implemented was designed to improve the messaging around grade passback failing, so in most cases the instructor experiencing the issue will know the reason for the quiz grades not being accepted in the passback from the LTI.

That said, even though the known issue is marked as being "completed," work continues on improving grade passback generally and on that engineering ticket specifically, and for that reason, we request that you continue to follow this as a support case. If you have a case open, it should already be associated with the engineering ticket, and I'd recommend that you follow up on it so that Canvas Support knows that you'd like to continue to receive updates on the progress toward getting this well and truly fixed. If any of your instructors run into this problem, please ask them to initiate their own case and include the link to the known issue in their description. The more cases we can collect on this, the better.

We appreciate your understanding.

Community Champion

Hi @Stefanie, thanks for your comment.

I will continue to file help tickets and keep my eye on the frequency of the problem, sounds like it should become less and less.  Sure do hope the situation will be fully handled before we all must use New Quizzes.

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