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New Quizzes: Show Days in time limit

New Quizzes: Show Days in time limit

In Classic Quizzes, when taking an exam, the time remaining is in this format: XX Years, XX Months, XX Days, XX Hours, XX Minutes, XX Seconds. However, in New Quizzes, it only shows hours, minutes, and seconds. What if a professor gave students a 7-day take-home exam? We do not want the counter to show 168:00:00, but rather 7d 00:00:00, where d represents the number of days.

Because New Quizzes is not currently available in Free-For-Teacher accounts, we gave it a retrofit.

When editing a Classic Quiz, the Time Limit box only allows for minutes to be inputted. Since we entered a large number (677,522 minutes), we converted it to days, hours, and minutes (since New Quizzes also shows the number of days left until the due date).

What would make the time limit more readable to students? Should we do 470:12:02:00? That wouldn't work, since students may misinterpret it as 470 hours, 12 minutes, and 2 seconds. Formatting the time limit as 470d 12:02:00 makes more sense since 470d represents 470 days (we use abbreviations to save space). The 00 at the end represents the seconds (those can't be set in Classic Quizzes).

NQ retrofit

677,522 minutes = 470 days, 12 hours, and 2 minutes. Notice the due date above the instructions refers to the local time zone, while the due date in the instructions refers to the course's time zone.

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