New Quizzes: Show and Hide Quiz Results by Date


Allow a show/hide date range for the "Let Students See Their Quiz Responses (Incorrect Questions Will Be Marked in Student Feedback)" quiz setting.

In order to maintain test security, instructors often want to limit students from viewing their quiz results until after the due date for the quiz has passed.  Currently, the correct answers can be set to be shown and hidden on given dates, but students will still be able to see the questions, their responses, incorrect answers, and feedback prior to this date, and if an instructor wants students only to be able to see their results but not correct answers, the only way to do this is to uncheck the "Let Students See Their Quiz Responses" option then manually go back and enable it once the due date (or other chosen date) has passed.

Please add a date range selector like the one that is there for Let Students See the Correct Answers: 

Screenshot of the quiz settings with date range selector for the Let Students See Their Quiz Results option

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This is definitely a case where we do need parity with Classic Quizzes. I don't know how we can explain to instructors why such a feature was not carried over in NQs.  Is there any pedagogical reason for this? Anything short of that makes this looks like an arbitrary decision. 

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The most relevant reason to return the "reveal answer after last attempt" is as a deterrent to cheating.

If I show the student answers, a significant portion of the student population will take attempt 1 and immediately submit... Then open attempt 2 on a separate screen (or their  phone)... and just copy the corrrect answers. Sadly, a lot of my high school students learned this from their siblings in college.

Students need to see what the right answer is on assignments... So the answers should be revealed... They just shouldn't see them  until they lose the option of copying.

Earliest comment on this thread  is nearly 5 years old. Please address this.


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I am really surprised that the ability to set the times when and how answers are revealed was not carried over from Classic Quizzes.  The ability for instructors to limit how and when a student sees the answer to the quiz is very important for the integrity of the exam and the ability to reuse the exam at a later date.  We want the student to be able to see what questions s/he got right and wrong and why.  Therefore students are allowed to see the answers after the exam is completed.  But, with the current setup, students who finish the exam early can exit the testing room, go to a computer lab, open the exam again and print the answers.  They then share these answers with future students and those who have not yet completed the exam.

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I set my quizzes for students to not be able to view the results after they take them, so that there is reduced chance that one student can take it and then give the correct answers to other students.  I have since instituted question banks to help prevent this; but the potential still persists.  In New Quiz settings, for students to see the correct answer after the due date, I will have to go into the settings to select the ‘allow students to see results’ setting.  On Classic quiz, the ability to set “Show Correct Answers at _______” allows me to pre-set those dates at the beginning of each semester. 

Is there a way to modify new quizzes to have an option to ‘Show correct answers after due date’?

This would eliminate the need to change dates from semester to semester and eliminate the need to go in after the due date to make correct answer visible. 

Thanks for your consideration.

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I use the classic quizzes.

Currently I have unchecked the "let students see their quiz responses".

That is because if it is checked, even if I have not checked "let them see correct answers", they see whether their answer is correct or not, and if incorrect, my explanation for why it's wrong, which includes what the correct answer is and why.  The questions are multiple choice and true/false so I don't want that.

But when the option "let students see their quiz responses" is unchecked, for me to give them access to the correct answers and explanations for why their incorrect answers are wrong, I have to go in and manually check the "let students see quiz responses".

Given that my quiz deadlines are at midnight, this is impractical.  It is also a hassle to have to remember to do this for each quiz.

Thus my request: Give us the option to let students see quiz responses, correct answers, and comments starting at a particular time/day.

Just to be clear, my request is that this be addressed in all quiz formats.

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I keep having faculty ask me about being able to restrict when students can see their results. This would solve the issues they are having.

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We really need this in New Quizzes -- our assessment workflow absolutely requires control over this information in order to maintain exam integrity. Until this is in place, we plain cannot use New Quizzes as an organisation -- it'll either have to be Classic Quizzes, or another solution from another provider unfortunately.

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This feature is not one listed in their Transparency into Quizzes Planning document. I can understand not having the functionality yet, but not having it on the development timeline, that is ridiculous. 

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I will also add my voice to getting this function back in new quizzes. I want my students to see the answers after their second attempt and after the due date. I do not want them to see the answers after their first attempt nor before the due date. I'm baffled that this wasn't included in the new quiz tool. 

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My campus is transitioning from D2L to Canvas and I was stunned the ability to do this is not a feature of Canvas (it has been for many years in D2L).  This is going to add a lot of manual work for me that is unnecessary.  

Also, I see that this request was made on 7/26/2019.  That's 3 years and nearly 17 days where Canvas still has not implemented this feature.  This and other difficulties making the transition from D2L has made me have a negative perception of Canvas thus far.  The most important being that they seem to ignore the needs of their users such as in this case.  

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My sincerest condolences for your school choosing Canvas over D2L. I have not worked with D2L, but you have summarized my experience in the past few years with Canvas, and honestly many other faculty across the globe.

It has reached a point that I don't think they even care for the quality of their product or simply there are too many issues that they cannot handle it. I believe the product, even though has some good merits, has been distributed immaturely. 

The interesting thing is that recently they have even removed the button for the users to report any bugs or flaws (or as they call it suggest an "idea"), or they have hidden it under multiple layers that it cannot be found very easily. Frankly as you have noticed, it is not really worth the faculty or staff's valuable time to post and report any bugs or flaws.

Anyway welcome to our world my friend....I am very sorry for your loss.....of D2L!


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I'm glad I'm not stranded in this boat alone!  Thanks for that witty comment that brought a smile to face! 

I'm definitely not sure why Canvas is missing so much basic functionality that, from what I can gather from the dates at which these lacking features have been brought to the attention of Canvas, have been known to them for many years and in one case, 6 years (not able to release specific content in modules at a certain date).  I'm sure the development of an LMS is complicated but it's not like many of these features are new to the world of LMS.  They are in fact features found in their competitors' products.  Canvas needs to assess the number and quality of staff they have in their development group if they can't keep up with the needs of their users.  I for one will continue to emphasize to my university that Canvas is sadly an inferior product to D2L based on my first impressions.  

I honestly want Canvas to be awesome and I wish the people at Canvas had some similar level of passion!

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@The_Viking to avoid causing email traffic for people on this thread, let's keep in touch via email. Mine is

Hey Canvas. I have another "idea" to add to your 4000+ unattended cases:

- Allow members to reply to each other in private so it does not generate a notification for everybody on a thread.

- If you had not removed the "Suggest an Idea" button, I could have thrown this idea in your "idea dumpster" as well.

- What happened to the upvote button?

Oh well...............


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This is an option that would greatly benefit a lot of faculty.  I have a number that call the lack of this feature as a deal breaker for them switching to New Quizzes.

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I would add to this that it is not possible to change the option to allow students to see results from the Canvas app.

I have set it up so students do not see the correct answers; I have to manually go in and change that setting once they have all finished the quiz.

But I cannot do this from  my phone as the Canvas app does not allow this.  Another suggestion: given this problem make it changeable from the app

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What is the point of commenting or posting ideas?  Does anyone from Canvas even read this?  This idea was submitted over 3 years ago.  It's a great idea, clearly with a lot of support from teachers , yet we are all just sitting here WAITING, and WAITING, and WAITING.  For what?  I feel like I will be retired before Canvas makes the changes that teachers want to see.

Why is this taking so long???  Add the feature already and let's move forward!




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This is a MUST HAVE for us! We need that security setting! We set up tests for some highly confidential departments that need this feature and DEPEND on it!!!

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Id like to add my voice to this idea. Taking this function away does not help transitioning from the old quizzes to the New Quiz. New Quiz feels like a downgrade without this function. 

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I was able to use the following as a temporary workaround:

  1. Go to Canvas course
  2. Click Quizzes
  3. Click the quiz I want to hide results
  4. Click Build
  5. Click Settings
  6. Toggle Restrict student result view
  7. Uncheck Show points awarded and Show points possible
  8. For me, I did checkmark Show items and questions, Show student response, but unchecked everything else.