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The course navigation menu (home, announcements, assignments,...) is missing in new quizzes.

Idea: Show the course navigation menu while editing and taking a quiz in New Quizzes.

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Yes! I agree that showing the course navigation would be awesome. Probably some sort of warning that you have unfinished work would be helpful... or maybe even a button that says, "Show Navigation" like the Return button but on the left instead of the right like it is now. 

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Problem statement:

I would like to get out of full width display when I am building a New Quiz for a couple of reasons. I'd like to see the Course Navigation as well as Next and Previous button at the bottom of the page while I'm building the New Quiz. Having full width option while editing the New Quiz is definitely a very useful tool but I would not like it to be the default view as it simply makes the user a bit detached from the course because the interface looks different and the user does not see the Course Navigation or the Previous/Next button if it is a part of the Module. On top of that, every time a user clicks on "Return" they get directed to Quizzes page but not the Assignment settings where Points or Assignment Groups are available to be edited which is also a poor user experience as the user gets thrown out of the New quiz completely instead of being allowed to change the Assignment settings. An average user would like to return to either the Assignment settings or previous browsing page (e.g. Modules from where the user went into New Quiz) and none of it is achievable when the user click on Return or back to previous page in the browser. I think the current New Quiz UI/UX settings are still very much like an external tool and not that of an in-house quiz engine which does not help in its quick adaptation (despite better functionality) by new canvas user/teachers/course designers.

Proposed solution:

While building any New Quiz, display full width should not be a default option (as stated in the url) but an optional one. The Return button should be redirected to the Assignment settings instead of Quizzes page of the course which the user may not intend to "Return" to most of the time.

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