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New Quizzes Stimulus PDF

New Quizzes Stimulus PDF


We would like to see in the New Quizzes for the Stimulus question the ability to upload a file and preview that file so students can read the PDF while answering the questions.  I have several teachers that have PDF versions of their textbook and would like to be able to include the PDF in the stimulus instead of having to copy and paste the information from the PDF into the RCE for the Stimulus question to use as a guided reading questions.

Community Member

Yes, PLEASE create the ability to upload a PDF so that students can read the story while answering questions. 

Community Champion

Rated 5 stars! My suggested implementation of this idea would cover not only PDF but other file types which can be previewed in Canvas. 

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Support! Currently we have many foreign language courses that require proctored quizzes and exams using PDF files to provide students access to special characters that they can copy and paste while the normal copy/paste function via keyboard shortcut or right-click is disabled. Without the option to preview text in PDF, we will have to relax the restrictions to allow copy/paste in the browser, which makes the exams less secured. 

Community Champion

Thanks @mskoch - you helped me find this idea again!  A closely-related new one is also open for conversation:

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Agreed! The ability to create quiz questions over a PDF that opens within the quiz mimics high stakes testing, and allows students to offer evidence from the text as support for their ideas. 

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Yes, please! This would allow an easier way to integrate "high stakes" testing formats into quizzes in Canvas. 

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Yes, this is exactly what we need.

Exams have steps to create various documents and a picture of what it should look like.

They have PDFs with actual full size images of the final product, so need to stay in that format. The text is in PDFA format.

I have to use Assignments and then calculate the time from opening to time on the finished document for tracking time to finish.

Community Member

This would be a wonderful feature! 

Can we also ensure that the PDF is not downloadable? It should be embedded or some kind of iframe so students can refer to it while doing the assignment, but they won't be able share that stimulus with another student in other classes who might not have done the assignment. 

Community Member

This would have helped teachers so much, especially after the shutdown. 

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We really need this. I use resources from downloaded PDFs that I cannot simply copy and paste because of formatting issues. There is no way I'm about to spend hours trying. I'm assuming this work great for math and science. 

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Dear Canvas, please intergrate all of the great and basic features in Classic Quizzes, like uploading a FILE (PDF or Word) in a stimulus question, into New Quizzes.

This is one of the reasons that I have not been using New Quizzes. Canvas has a lot of great ideas that are poorly executed.  Please listen to those of us who use your product.

Community Member

Yes please! Why this is not a thing yet only shocks me!

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