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New Quizzes: SubFolders for Item Banks

New Quizzes: SubFolders for Item Banks

PLEASE develop folders and subfolders within question banks so questions can be organized for easier access in quiz creation.  If a teacher chooses to develop a quiz with a selected number of questions randomly being chosen from several different question banks, it becomes very difficult to filter through the hundreds of question banks created, especially when canvas lumps all questions banks from all courses together in the quiz creation.  For example it would be nice if a teacher could create a folder for each unit and within that folder have subfolders for M.C., fill in blank, Graph interpretation, essay etc.  Right now you have to create a different question bank for each question type, point value and subject area.  Teaching 4 different subjects creates hundreds of banks and becomes chaotic really fast.  It is like trying to save everything on your desktop and then be expected to go find one document in the thousands of items.  Folders with subfolder capability is only logical to file questions in a bank.  Please make this needed addition this summer!!
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This would be very helpful.  Even before using banks for randomization, just organizing questions by subsections of chapter topics builds a huge list.  Managing that list across multiple courses gets messy very quickly.

Other related features:

  • Add meta tags to questions in banks
  • Searchable meta tags when building quizzes
  • Ability to copy quiz questions back into banks (not linked, just copy-able)
  • Easier export/import of banks as editable text files 
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No LMS is an island.

Wouldn't it be nice if Canvas simply adopted its own version of the most popular features of competing LMS platforms that it's still missing?

Organization folders like D2L:" modifiedtitle="true" title="Allow...

Rubrics like real world convention: 

Bulk question import like Blackboard: 

Discrete, independent, nesting modules: 

Expanded HTML like Blackboard: 

Please feel free to add to this list using previously posted ideas in Canvas Community.

Community Participant

This would be a great feature, I'd still like sub-folders so I can organize questions along sub-topics of my course while still grouping them into a larger bank of all the questions in a particular module or chapter.

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This is an essential feature.  As it stands, the New Quiz tool in canvas is pure torture to use when authoring questions and question sets, particularly when you want to allow multiple attempts and ensure question variation between attempts.

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From an organizational and efficiency standpoint, the ability for teachers to create folders and sub-folders and move them around to change the order is a necessary feature that I hope can be included in the new quiz system rolling out in July.

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YES. With all the question banks across all the courses I'm teaching in the same New Quizzes list of item banks, having the ability to sort question banks into folders for each course, chapter, or exam would be incredibly useful.

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PLEASE for the love of my sanity make this an option. We have SO many question banks for our course. It would really mean so much to us to be able to organize our banks into folders.

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Hello  @ronmarx  ,

Adding to your list...

Extra credit quizzes (like other LMS): 

Have a correct Gradebook total (even w/drops in assignment group): 

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I am not sure if this is still being monitored for feedback or not, but having folders and subfolders is ESSENTIAL for efficient organization.  I have multiple classes I teach (3 to 4 depending on the year) and managing all the item banks is a giant waste of time.  Being able to create folders seems like such a logical way of fixing this issue, I am not sure why it wasn't implemented from the start and why it has yet to be implemented.

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Since COVID started, we have been moving everything online. Can we please sort our banks ot make it easier when we want to find material? We are trying to not have students cheat, so we created a 20 question test with 4 different questions to shuffle through. So far that is 20 banks. This is Unit 1 of 12. That will be 240 banks... that is a problem with a list interface. 

Community Member

I just posted a similar request without realizing such a feature is highly sought.  I think Canvas developer should seriously consider it,

Community Member

Just coming here to echo what people have been asking since 2016 . . . pretty discouraged to see that people have been asking for folders so we can organize our question banks since 2016 and nothing has yet been done.

Community Member

I am with all of the above people. We need the option to make subfolders for questions banks. I'm going to end up with so many banks, teaching 20+ sections with each section being broken up into 2 - 5 separate banks to separate the individual concepts, and if this was fixed it would make it much easier to sift through the many concepts I am trying to test. How do we get things voted on and implemented ASAP?

Community Member

Like this idea a lot. Just starting to use the new quiz feature and I have a question bank per chapter for each of my classes. It adds up quickly and being able to put at least each class into its own folder would be helpful.

Community Member

Just the ability to create folders and move banks into them. I have a bank for every learning objective and that has gotten unwieldy fast. 

Also, I team teach and when we share banks for exams it adds even more!

Community Member

In new quizzes, I would like to be able to organize my question banks into folders (Calculus Chapter 4 question banks).  

Community Member

Would like to be able to have a way to sort/organize questions banks. Right now I have 4 pages of banks- hard to sort through even by names. If there were files we could name them by test- then each test file could have separate banks. 

Thank you!

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I i get more banks for many classes... it is becoming a mess. Yes please and thankyou.

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Canvas quiz banks with sub-categories and ways to request alternate versions of the same question would be extremely useful. I have four course preps each with a semester long series of quizzes, exams, and lab-practical banks. Currently the quiz-banks are categorized by textbook-chapter/topic. I would like the ability to select from quiz-bank categories based on questions that have been categorized by Blooms Taxonomy level (knowledge, comprehension, application, etc.) within each of these banks. To put each topic-subcategory set of questions into their own bank would require me to multiply the number of quizzes in my already unwieldy set of quiz banks by 4 - 5. Furthermore if I instead organize these subcategories into quiz goups within the quiz, then this puts me over the 100 question limit wherein Canvas will not calculate quiz statistics - even for a quiz that in effect has only 50 questions for each student.

Community Member

Hoping to see some version of folders/subfolders for Item Banks. Item banks can quickly get out of control and need some way to manage them. Tags can only do so much. The + all / random feature is great, but that requires very specific item banks, which means many banks with no organizational ability. 

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