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New Quizzes: Text (no question) question type

New Quizzes: Text (no question) question type


As we move from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes, I would love to have the option to add a "Text (no question)" question type in a New Quiz (as we have in Classic Quizzes). This opens the opportunity to present a piece of content and then interact with it in a flexible way. For instance, we can use a quiz as a kind of interactive lesson. First, we present some content. Then we ask a question. Next, we interact with the question and the content on another content page. The "Stimulus" question type is great when it is fit for purpose, but there are use-cases we use often for which it is not as helpful as the "Text (no question" option we have in Classic Quizzes. This would seem to be an easy feature to add, especially as Canvas users are used to having it in their quiz toolbox.

Community Team
Community Team Welcome to the Canvas Community! As you've stated, our product team has envisioned Stimulus as the replacement for Text (No Question). So that our community members and our developers can appropriately assess your request in context, would you give a few examples of the use cases you referenced for which using Stimulus would not work?


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Thank you, Stefanie, for a prompt reply. I am immensely impressed by the responsiveness and service of the Canvas team. Our institution is transitioning from Moodle to Canvas, so we are learning to "think Canvas." I doubt I can do this concisely.

The availability Text (no question) enables quizzes to be used more like interactive lessons than quizzes per se. On Moodle, we used a mixture of their "Lesson" activity as well as H5P and SCORM tools to create interactive lessons. Classic quizzes can serve similar purposes because of the Text (no question) option. The lesson is a series of content and question elements strung together as a formative learning experience. Imagine this sequence:

  1. Content element: a piece of content is provided for the student to view
  2. Question element(s): the student answers one or more questions
  3. Content element: this content provides instant reflection or feedback on the preceding question(s)
  4. Content element: the foundation of the next question or series of questions
  5. Question elements: and so on.

We realise that this is not the intended use-case for quizzes, but Classic Quizzes enabled a workaround that could avoid the need for third-party plugins in many instances. The are downsides to using H5P and SCORM.

The Stimulus option is wonderful for its envisaged use-case, which is limited to providing a piece of content and then attaching a set of questions to it. However, it only serves that single purpose. The content (stimulus) cannot stand alone as input or feedback. At present, New Quizzes provides no "Practice Quiz" and no mechanism for providing immediate feedback when a student answers a question. If we could provide instant, viewable feedback before a student moves to the next question, we would be halfway towards solving my need. As a small complaint, the fact that Stimulus splits the screen into two columns with no option to have the questions beneath is limiting.

Community Team
Community Team

This is immensely helpful,‌; this detailed example makes me think that the new functionality you're looking for is more akin to . What do you think?

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I saw that recommendation before I wrote my own. It certainly has my vote as a high priority for New Quizzes. I think "Immediate feedback in quizzes" would provide a good portion of the functionality I have in mind. I would still love to be able to add a content-only element in a quiz. For anyone who uses quizzes as formative learning activities, the option to provide immediate feedback is critical. 

Community Team
Community Team‌, your response prompted me to do a bit of testing, whereupon I was surprised to learn that stimulus items do not display in a quiz unless questions have been associated with them. I wonder if an alternative solution would be for our engineers to change the behavior of the stimulus question such that it does display whether or not a question is attached to it.

Either way, we've opened the idea for voting. Thank you so much for working with us to flesh it out! 

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If the Stimulus element could stand alone, my request would be obsolete (esp. if it would then be full-column). I tried that solution before posting the idea and made the same discovery as you. A stimulus that can stand alone combined with immediate feedback would tick all boxes. 


Voted! Agreed, that's my preferred implementation - an option for a Stimulus to be shown full-width separately.

Surveyor, Using the text (no Question) items is something I do regularly in the Classic Quizzes. Not having this option in New Quizzes means that I cannot migrate my content over to New Quizzes. I use quizzes for a few different purposes, one of these is activities. These give the students directions to follow to complete the quiz (really an activity/assignment). Throughout the activity, as students complete the work they have questions to answer, usually multiple-choice, matching, or essay, or they have to upload evidence of their work. Often, there are more sections in the quiz of text instruction then there are questions. This is something that does not work with the stimulus, as not all of the text is related to a single question. Also with stimulus only being available in one column instead of the full width of the page would make it difficult for students to view the directions on a small laptop screen. 

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We have faculty who frequently use the text-only question to intersperse feedback or create practice activities with downloadable solutions. For example, Question 1 asks student to submit a practice workbook. We set to show one question at a time and restrict from moving back. Once student submits, they get to the text-only question which has the downloadable solutions.

The reason we had recommended this workaround was that we discovered that files in quiz answer feedback did not duplicate when we copied courses. They did duplicate when embedded in the questions, however.

In general, the file linking is going to be challenging with New Quizzes, which is already unfortunate. I have voted for the 'immediate' feedback idea which seems to provide a solution to this use case, but it looks like allowing stimulus to be displayed without any questions attached would be a much faster solution.

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I'm using the text headers in Canvas quizzes to break exams into sections.  For example, a true/false (1pt each) section and a multiple choice (2pts each) section.  No directions specific to individual questions, just letting students know that they're going to be seeing different types of questions, worth different points. The "stimulus" question type would not work for this as is.  If giving the option to write a 'stimulus' that's full-column width and has no questions attached is too complicated, adding a text-only question type seems like it would be more straightforward.