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New Quizzes: Time a Component & Rubric override in Quizzes

New Quizzes: Time a Component & Rubric override in Quizzes

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Good Morning, 

I am a district Virtual Learning Coach working with our Math Curriculum Leads.  

In our district we have timed math facts tests which are given in all four operations across our elementary schools.  The math facts tests are scored in the quiz feature, however, the time component is not automatically taken into account.  

Teachers have created a rubric to attach to this quiz, however, the rubric score cannot override the quiz score.  

It would be nice if this were possible so that we could better align with SBAC in scoring work as Exceeded, Met, Nearly Met, and Not Met.  

Thank you, 


Community Team
Community Team
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I am looking for the same feature.  I have been hand entering in all quiz scores after grading with rubric, which is already an additional step.