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New Quizzes: Time limit on quiz review session

New Quizzes: Time limit on quiz review session


We would like a time limit option on quiz reviews. Note this is not a limit on when a student may review their quiz answers, but a time limit (similar to the quiz option "time limit") that will restrict for how long a student my look at their quiz answers and instructor feedback. We feel this will enhance security for quizzes.

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

 @gorcutt , thank you for sharing this idea. We also encourage you to support

Community Member

As we are moving more to online testing, it would be very helpful if Canvas can add a time limit to the option on allowing the students to see their quiz response only once after each attempt. This feature is very helpful to the students, but it needs a time limit since the student can easily take out their cell phone, video their test, take pictures, or even write the questions on a piece of paper.