New Quizzes; Time remaining on moderate page


I would love to see the new quiz moderate have a timer countdown for timed quizzes like old quizzes does.

Community Team
Community Team

I think I understand what you're seeking, but want to make sure. 

Right now, per the guide you can see that a test in progress shows "in progress" without showing how much time has elapsed so far.  You're looking for that time? 

Community Member

Yes!  In old quizzes I could see how much time was left for a student.  Let me know when they go started and where they were.  

Community Member

This feature is even more important now in new quizzes since the new accommodations feature allows students to have different time limits. 

New Member

Agree. Need the same count down timer (as already available in classic quizzes) and the option to add extra time too during an in progress attempt too (as already available in classic quizzes) please.