New Quizzes: Warn when manually entering quiz grade

Idea: Warn teachers with a pop up (or disallow this behavior completely) when they attempt to enter a grade for a Canvas quiz that still has items waiting to be graded individually.

Background: My school uses the Canvas API to export student grades into our official records at the end of each quarter. A student had a grade being shown in the grade book that was higher than what was being exported using the API call. The problem? The teacher manually entered an all essay quiz with a grade of 0 instead of grading each individual question in Speed Grader. This is where the inconsistencies come up. The UI grade book was NOT taking into account the grade of 0 because it was still waiting for the quiz to be grades correctly. However the API DOES take into account the grade of 0 in its calculation.

I've spoken with Canvas L2 Support and they say this is expected behavior. I think asking for the API/gradebook calculations to be changed may be too much, but I would like to at least see Canvas add a warning to teachers manually entering in quiz grades when this behavior will result in incorrect total calculations.

The Current Solution: Currently the only visual clue you have that the grade is not correct is this symbol in the grade book.

 quiz icon in gradebook

But a teacher would have to already know what this symbol means. For all the teacher knows, they entered the grade correctly because when you click on this symbol it shows the grade entered.

enter grade in quiz grade book

I would like to see a prominent warning that entering a grade for a quiz that still has items waiting to be manually scored will result in grade inconsistencies. Similar to the warning received if you entered an unusually high grade in an assignment.

unusually high grade warning

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