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Certain settings for new quizzes are controlled from the assignment settings screen.  This includes the due date and availability dates, and point value of the overall quiz.  It is understandably difficult to transfer some of these functions to the New Quiz directly, but it should not be so hard to find these settings.  Right now the only way I have found to access these settings is by selecting edit from the three dot menu next to the quiz on the assignment tab, and only on the assignment tab.  On the assignment tab this first produces a pop-up with only total points and due date for everyone.  The rest of the settings only open after clicking more options. 

These are not options that should be hidden from most teachers.  These are commonly used functions when due dates need to change due to unexpected circumstances for the entire school or for a single student.  They are also relevant when a mistake was made setting the point value of the quiz to begin with. 

Therefore, the edit assignment settings function should be available from every three dot menu connected to a new quiz (or any LTI that shares this issue).  This should include the three dot menus in quizzes, grades, and modules.  (If it also shows up for regular assignments in modules and grades there is no harm done.)

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So, I think the real question I have is: will New Quizzes ever change from being an "External Tool" assignment type? Eventually, if the tool is adopted by Canvas, it makes little sense to me that such a tool would be configured as an "External Tool" and as such, the assignment settings and due dates would all be configurable in the same location where you can change everything else, but right now, this acts like other external tool assignments.

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Canvas support just told me that even though every individual quiz made with the new quiz tool has a certain point setting within it, it will always show up as being worth only one point until I go into "assignments," and then "edit" and then assign the quiz a point value. This is an extra, time-wasting and easy to overlook step. When I make a quiz that is worth, for example, 14 points, and the quiz itself says that, and a value has been given to each individual question, it's frustrating to have to go in every single time and edit the quiz via the assignments page and enter a point value. 

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Agreed! I just set up a quiz using the New Quiz format and couldn't figure out why all my students had zeros under Grades. I had to manually change the point value on the assignment and then access Speed Grader (which is more than a little difficult to find) and add/remove fudge points on each student to get the grade to refresh. 

If Canvas is completely doing away with the classic quizzes in favor of the New Quizzes, it seems like it would be only reasonable to ensure that we are not losing functionality by doing this. 

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When creating a New Quiz the first field is prepopulated with Assignment name. The rest of the initial Quiz creation page is almost identical to that of an Assignment creation page and this may cause confusion to staff when first using New Quizzes. My suggestion is that this prepopulated text be amended to Quiz Name.



Ok, now that more teachers are being exposed to New Quizzes, we really need the points issue fixed -- question points should either automatically update in the assignment settings OR as you save, you should get a big alert saying "questions points doing match assignment points -- update?"