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New Quizzes: multiple blanks and multiple drop down menu options

New Quizzes: multiple blanks and multiple drop down menu options

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I have gotten very good at formatting math questions in the old quizzes because of my ability to use multiple blanks, multiple drop-down menus with the rich text editor. 

If you continue you plan to phase out old quizzes before adding this option into new Quizzes, I will lose more than 1/2 of my math curriculum and ability to assess my students at a rich level. 

The options that you currently have available for questions do not allow me to do what I am currently doing. IF phasing to new Quizzes is truly going to be an improvement, then having the same options as we did before is going to have to be an option, especially for math teachers! 

This is a must have!!!!!!! 

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Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this feedback about New Quizzes, @toddmath . We have a number of active ideas requesting enhancements to the New Quizzes fill-in-the-blank question type. Please add your support to

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...and search Idea Conversations using the "New Quizzes fill in the blank" search term for other existing ideas to support. You might also want to follow the product manager's blog posts in the New Quizzes User Group to stay on top of development progress.