New Quizzes: "Restrict Student Result View" turned ON as the default


Currently, if I allow students to have multiple attempts at a (new) quiz, they see the correct answers after the first attempt unless I restrict the student view. That is exactly the reverse of what it should be! If I'm allowing students to take a quiz multiple times, it's because I want them to work out the correct answers on their own, not be given the correct answers by Canvas unless I restrict their view. I don't understand why Canvas set this as the default setting. It makes no sense to me.

Further, I should be able to adjust ALL the quiz settings while editing the quiz itself. Right now, I cannot do that. I have to go to 'quizzes', then click on 'edit', when I should be able to edit those things in the "settings" section of the quiz. Canvas just seems to want to make everything as difficult as possible for the users.

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@randomteacher Thanks for sharing this feedback. Are you referencing Classic or New Quizzes?



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I would LOVE to see "Restrict Student Result View" turned ON as the default in New Quizzes. It's very rare that instructors want students to be able to see their responses and correct answers immediately after taking a quiz (and especially before their peers are finished so as to prevent answer sharing).

At The Wharton School, we've enabled Manual Grade Posting Policies for every course. When quiz scores are released prematurely through the New Quizzes UI, it negates the workflow we have set up to manually release the scores through the Gradebook. It's really easy for teachers to forget to check the "Restrict Student Result View" setting, too.

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For me it's an example of how new quizzes devalues the habits and expectations built up over the years with "old" quizzes and  the investment that people have made in learning how to use quiz tool. 🙁 Also with regard to manual posting, it make quizzes inconsistent with other how assignments work.  

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