New Quizzes review--only missed questions


Currently, there is no way to limit the questions the student sees in the review so they get a look at the entire test. There is a quiz option to "Let Students See The Correct Answers", but this is different from what we are looking for.

We would like the quiz to have an option at review to only show missed questions and the student's incorrect answers. This would increase test security by limiting student exposure to the questions.

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Could this also be expanded? When students take a quiz and they are given a reattempt: The reattempt should only include questions that were missed. Currently, we have students write down the answers to the correct ones they got then go through the whole quiz again, submitting previously correct answers and also trying to resolve the missed ones. 


This could be streamlined to only let students see the ones that they missed and then the scores could be added together/re-calibrated to reflect the total score correct.

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@jremender That is a different idea that is currently being discussed at New Quizzes: Carry Forward Correct Answers on Quiz Multiple Attempts.