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New Quizzes should not *automatically* grade written responses

New Quizzes should not *automatically* grade written responses


Any questions that teachers have to manually grade (essay, short answer) are automatically calculated as zeros in Quizzes.Next. There are 2 major issues with this:

     1. Student's grades are completely inaccurate until the teacher grades them. This can cause serious issues like suspension from a sports team due to grades, consequences at home, and unneeded anxiety and stress. Yes, I can mute the assignment so they don't see that grade at home, but administrators who are determining eligibility see it as part of the average. 

     2. Because Quizzes.Next considers this question already graded, as a teacher, I have no way of telling which responses I have graded and which I have not.  In the old Quiz system, it shows a document symbol in the gradebook and a little orange dot next to their name in Speedgrader to show that these questions still need to be graded.  When you are look at a specific student's quiz in Speed grader, it tells you what still needs to be graded, but still shows a check next to their name in the list, so you have to scroll through every student to see if it has been graded. With hundreds of students turning in assignments at different times this is not helpful.

Considering the old version has this, this is something that should have been fixed before it ever came out of Beta. It is a serious glitch in how Quizzes.Next interacts with the Canvas Gradebook. 

Community Participant

I got so tired of dealing with the issue that I submitted a query to Canvas support about this issue, just to see what (if anything) they would say in response. Here's what I got back:

Thank you for contacting Canvas Customer Support. I understand you have had issue with the function of essay questions in New Quizzes. By default, essay questions in New Quizzes will grade as a zero automatically until the instructor has graded the response. Although these do grade as zeros the students also can see that those questions have not been graded yet:

There is a feature idea for this already:

You also mentioned that you did not get To-Do items for these submissions either. This also is currently the intended function. Though there also is a feature idea for this:

Note what I've highlighted in red above. They designed it like this on purpose?!?!? That part took me by surprise. The rest was more or less what I expected.

Anyhow, I would suggest that everybody who has the problem writes directly to Canvas support. At least we know that somebody reads those support tickets. Maybe if they get enough users complaining about the same "feature," they will find it will take less time to fix it than it does to answer constant complaints about it.

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Unfortunate that this is still an issue, as one of my faculty just reminded me.

Hopefully it will be resolved before the hard rollout in July of 2022.

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I was on the call with Support today because I was sure I must be missing something...but no. How discouraging to learn this issue has been known and not addressed for two and a half years.

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