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New RCE: Bring back the ability to create a new page

New RCE: Bring back the ability to create a new page


In the new rich content editor there are many improvements, but there are a couple of features that were lost entirely with this update. The main one identified by some of our instructors is the ability to create a new page when from the course links feature previously on the right sidebar. I have no problem with the sidebar being removed and only pulling out when needed, but would like for the function of creating a page when editing a current one to be re-added. I searched through ideas and could not find anyone already requesting this. Please share and upvote if you also want this feature to be added to the new rce. 


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This ability needs to return; I have faculty requesting it as it was part of existing workflows. The only workaround I can think of in the new Rich Content Editor is bulk create empty, unpublished pages, then establish the link in a page, then go back to the empty, unpublished page to rename it and publish once the content is ready. We have faculty who have time sensitive items that they need to have instantly publish who were using this add a new page while creating a page with regularity. In the meantime, any Canvas users/admins know other options for this?

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